You Are Here by Herb Lester Associates

Ben from Herb Lester Associates sent me You Are Here: The Best Places to Meet and Work in London (thank you Ben). It's a small fold-out guide showing the best places for freelancers or anyone without access to a regular office to get together in central London. There's a map on one side and some funny, accurate reviews on the other. Very useful and beautifully put together. The vintage-style illustrations by Michael Newhouse make it even more special.

You Are Here: Freelancer's Map of London

If you would like one it's a steal at £3 from Herb Lester Associates. More info about them on their website or in this write-up on We Made This.

Ah I see they have some of my favourite places - I have always thought if you are reasonably clean and not too obviously mad there are lots of very good free places to hang around in London.

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