Stained Glass Baby Bird Window Decoration from Through the Round Window Paper bird blue tit from Rae Welch Colour-in sparrow card from Kate Broughton
Blue tit pocket moleskine cahier from Ink Me Up Goldfinch felt bird brooch from Lupin London Clay Bird from DH Painter

This is a combined Folksy Friday/currently reading post on the subject of birds. I love birds. When I was much younger I was a member of the Young Ornithologists' Club (the junior wing - ha! - of the RSPB). I had a bird book and went on birdwatching trips. As I got older it got a bit dull and that was the end of it. An embarrassing hobby, consigned to the dustbin of history.

Fast-forward to the present day when I'm too old to care what's cool and the ole birdwatching skills are coming back. We upgraded our bird-feeding infrastructure late last year and now my days are broken up by quick surveys of the garden to see who's arrived, who's eating what and who's fighting with who. The latest arrival (and my favourites) are two goldfinches who finally eat all those nyjer seeds we bought last year.

To complement this obsession, I'm reading Birdwatchingwatching by Alex Horne, which is a very enjoyable story about a year spent competitive birdwatching with his dad. It covers a lot about birds and birdwatching as you might expect, and also the whole idea of turning into your parents which I can relate to. Recommended.

Folksy Friday picks from L-R: Through The Round Window, Rae Welch, Kate Broughton, Ink Me Up, Lupin, London Clay Birds.

The Mrs. was a member of the YOC too - she didn't realise how much she remembered until a quiz we were at a while ago had an ornithology round!

I'm enjoying my thirties so much more now I don't have to pretend to be cool anymore!

Lucky you with the Goldfinches, they are a bit spesh, and we don't see too many of them down here

Only just saw this today! Thanks for that - I wondered why I suddenly sold 2 in a row!

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