We've been out and about in the motorhome, making the most of those last summer days.

Welcome to Newbie

There's always time to stop for a comedy roadsign.

a motor home? you have a motor home ? really? how bloody marvelous.

Yes, really! It's very old and bits fall off it, but it's still amazing.

Someone should write a song called 'A Quarter Of A Mile From Dull' (Country, obviously) x

You'll have to come by Freuchie in Fife, where there is a road called UNTHANK.

I love your Blog! And I see you have a motor home - we are going to hire one to see how we like it and if things go well, we hope to get one for next summer!

Also, it was through your Blog I came across the book, The English Sunrise, we are ardent 'spotters' now :)

Thanks, Mildred!

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