Papa Westray airport

This is the airport on Papa Westray, one of Orkney's most northerly isles. The flight from Papa Westray (known locally as Papay) to its neighbouring island of Westray is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's shortest, clocking in at well under two minutes. I counted it as 1 min 38 seconds, and apparently it's under a minute on a good day.

Orkney flight

As we haven't been on a plane in a long time, and Danny (now 4) has only ever flown once we thought we'd take the trip while we were in Orkney. Loganair run different inter-island routes, so the trip varies on different days. We went from Kirkwall (Orkney's largest town) to North Ronaldsay - Papa Westray - Westray - Kirkwall with a 4-hour stop on Papa Westray. Orkney from the air looked amazing.

RSPB North Hill nature reserve

There's very little on Papa Westray (in a good way) and we didn't have any means of transport. I was very glad I'd packed sandwiches as there was no shop for miles around. There's an RSPB bird sanctuary within walking distance though, so we set off for that and had a very pleasant few hours in amongst the amazing birdlife on Orkney. I went a bit mad with the birdwatching on Orkney. It was awesome.

Statue to one of the world's last great auks, killed here in 1832

There's a walking trail which takes you to a quiet beach teeming with seals, and a cliff walk with a memorial to one of the world's last great auks, killed here in 1813.

All in all it was an amazing day, none of it was anything we'd do normally and it was all a bit out of kilter, in a lovely way. You even get a certificate at the end of the to say you've been on the world's shortest flight and a miniature bottle of whisky. Result! More photos on Flickr.

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