Woodland Necklace by Little Peche

I like is 8 this month. Eight! Imagine. That's a long time in blog years.

It's only a little thing but it has been the source of great happiness over the years - it has made an incredible difference to my life in the best way.

It's also a nice excuse for a present to myself - this brilliant Woodland Necklace made by Little Peche on Folksy.

Thank you for reading (especially the regulars who have stuck with it over the years).


Well... we made it to Kintyre at the weekend, not far from Glasgow as the crow flies but a long way by road so we'd never been before. Wow, it was pretty. Beautiful weather, lovely autumn colours everywhere and amazing views to Arran and the mainland on the west and Islay and Jura on the east.

Carradale Bay campsite, Kintyre

Plus a new personal best for proximity of motorhome to beach at Carradale Bay Caravan Park.

One Way Pendulum poster by Marc Baines

One Way Pendulum is the choice for this month's Monorail Film Club.

A 1964 gem from Woodfall Films it sounds like a vintage slice of celluloid nuttiness involving Jonathan Miller, Peggy Mount, Eric Sykes and other Great British characters. My friend Marc Baines has picked it and even drew a poster for the occasion, bless him. It is showing at 7.30 on Sunday 26 September in the GFT.

You Are Here

Had an amazing time in Wales at the Do Lectures. Three and a half days of amazing speakers, nice company, great food and beautiful surroundings in the fforest campsite. There's so much to say that I don't know where to start. I'm still mulling it all over and will post more when the films of the talks are available on the website. It'll make a bit more sense then.

In the meantime, here are some more snaps from Cardigan and around.

1950s Cardigan

Scott Free

Not In Use

Perfect time

I'm off to the Do Lectures this weekend - lots of thinkers and doers in a campsite in Wales, organised by Howies. I haven't been to that bit of Wales before (Cardigan Bay) so am looking forward to that, as well as the speakers, good company etc.

If any of you reading this are going too, please say hello.

Back next week, fully inspired hopefully.

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