Woodland Necklace by Little Peche

I like is 8 this month. Eight! Imagine. That's a long time in blog years.

It's only a little thing but it has been the source of great happiness over the years - it has made an incredible difference to my life in the best way.

It's also a nice excuse for a present to myself - this brilliant Woodland Necklace made by Little Peche on Folksy.

Thank you for reading (especially the regulars who have stuck with it over the years).

Aw! Happy Blog Birthday, Anne!

I Like has its own special place in my RSS reader, I love it so much. Thank you!

Happy Birthday I Like! The teenage years are just over the horizon - I'm looking forward to those.

Ah, familiar faces! I'm so glad to know you're still reading. That seems like a good reason to carry on in the same vein.

And yes, teenage years, can't wait to behave badly and really discover myself...

Congratulations. Thanks for making my eyes tingle with joy so very often.

Happy birthday I like!

Happy Birthday to you! What I like about 'I like' is what you like(!) Best to you and yours

Happy Birthday - still one of the best reads on the interweb!

Many happy returns!

Hey that's great here's to more happy years!

Thank you all. That so nice!

Happy birthday. I too like many of the things you like and your blog reminds me of when I was a student in Scotland.

I was already following your blog when you friended me on flickr ... I felt like I was being approached by a star! Eight more years! And more.

Blimey Alex, I had no idea! That made me laugh, thank you.

Happy Birthday! Congrats Anne!

just got back from holidays so i missed the big day, but happy b-day to you.

i consider you and Russell my older blogging siblings albeit 6 months older in your case.

and much more mature (in a good way!)

keep up the excellent and lovely work. Dave

Huzzah for 8 years of I like!
So many things I would never have known about without it Anne, thank you for keeping it going!!

Blimey that means I've been back in the country 8 years too - time flies and all that


Happy birthday Anne! I found I Like about six years ago and I've never stopped looking in because it never stops being interesting. It's still one of my favourite things online.

Hi Anne, Happy Birthday! I can't believe it's been 8 years ... time flies when you're having fun! Best wishes,

Happy Birthday to one of my first – if not the first – regular blog reads. Thanks for entertaining and informing.

(Do you still have the tie dye babygro?!)

Crikey. I don't think I even knew what a blogwas 8 years ago. Magnificent! Keep on rockin' girl x

Congratulations, you have a way of making the world seem light and free and airy!

(and of course it is, we just need a reminder now and again)

best wishes from gair

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