One of the perks of working at Newspaper Club is seeing the lovely papers that people print each week. This one, entitled Preston Bus Station is a delight. Put together by the superb Preston is my Paris, it's a homage to Preston Bus Station, transport hub and all round fading architectural icon.

The story behind it is on the Newspaper Club blog and copies are available from Preston Is My Paris Publishing.


Those of a sympathetic bent may also enjoy dustysevens photos above and other Preston Bus Station photos on Flickr.


Staithes in North Yorkshire is very steep. You need to park at the top of the cliff and walk down, which is an adventure.

The Gift Shop

It was very quiet and old-fashioned with lots of narrow alleyways, a picturesque harbour and plenty of old shopfronts.



A ship called...

And A Ship Called Dig-ni-ty.


Whitby was wet. Really wet.

Whitby Rock

But still, it rocked.

Clear black lines to win

So when it's wet, go to the amusements. That's the rule, isn't it? In all honesty, amusements do my head in. Too much noise and distraction. But these were great because there were so many 2p puggies and they looked so great.

Whitby Steam Bus

Plus a ride on a Steam Bus. Not many of them around.

The National Wool Museum

Wool, it's great stuff, as the National Wool Museum in Wales shows. I visited it on the way to the Do Lectures (with thanks to Russell for the lift). What a lovely place. Set up in one of the few remaining Welsh woollen mills in the Teifi valley it's a nice mixture of the historical and technical with the modern and the beautiful.

The photo at the top shows a temporary exhibition of contemporary woollen designs, including Donna Wilson's lovely little creatures. There's a lot of great stuff around, particularly as it's National Wool Week.

The National Wool Museum

There are some great displays of vintage woollen fashions (the 60s stuff is particularly fine) and great cabinets full of Welsh tapestry blankets from the National Flat Textile Collection - how grand.

The National Wool Museum

In a building across the way the looms still clatter away with an enormous racket, weaving the most fantastic geometric fabrics.

Highly recommended if you're down that way.

May We Help You: The Best Specialist Supplies in London

The amazing Herb Lester Associates have produced another mapping triumph in May we help you? The best specialist suppliers in London. Similar to their wonderful You Are Here: The best places to eat and work in London map this folds out into a beautifully-designed compact map with notes on the reverse. The topic this time is specialist businesses like umbrella makers, taxidermists, invisible menders, chandlers and many more. The sort of places that have disappeared from many towns, making the ones that survive even more remarkable.

May We Help You: The Best Specialist Supplies in London

It's useful but also a thing of beauty as the 50s-style design is spot on. It's a steal at £3 (inc P+P) from the Herb Lester Associates website.

The Scottish Owl Centre, Campbeltown

Unexpected tourist attraction #347: The Scottish Owl Centre in Campbeltown.

We were very lucky to find this by accident, lurking outside Campbeltown on the B842 to Machrahanish. The Scottish Owl Centre is the only Scottish centre devoted to owls (clearly) and one of only two owl centres in the UK. The other is in Cumbria, but you all knew that, right? I bet you're up there all the time.

The Scottish Owl Centre, Campbeltown

So yeah, owls. They're amazing. Big ones, small ones, white ones, brown ones, all the Harry Potter ones. It really is an excellent place because if you arrive about 2.30ish you get a free owl show, from a trained owl handler, armed with owl facts with all the special party owls.

The Scottish Owl Centre, Campbeltown

If you've never been stared at quizzically by a pair of great grey owls, you haven't lived.

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