The National Wool Museum

Wool, it's great stuff, as the National Wool Museum in Wales shows. I visited it on the way to the Do Lectures (with thanks to Russell for the lift). What a lovely place. Set up in one of the few remaining Welsh woollen mills in the Teifi valley it's a nice mixture of the historical and technical with the modern and the beautiful.

The photo at the top shows a temporary exhibition of contemporary woollen designs, including Donna Wilson's lovely little creatures. There's a lot of great stuff around, particularly as it's National Wool Week.

The National Wool Museum

There are some great displays of vintage woollen fashions (the 60s stuff is particularly fine) and great cabinets full of Welsh tapestry blankets from the National Flat Textile Collection - how grand.

The National Wool Museum

In a building across the way the looms still clatter away with an enormous racket, weaving the most fantastic geometric fabrics.

Highly recommended if you're down that way.

Ooh looks good - that chair looks like a particularly racy moquette from the London Transport Museum.

DW x

How can any bolt of Harris Tweed look great (all the more beautiful close up), and all of these look so dreadful? Does someone there choose insipid colours and oddly-scaled patterns on purpose? Lovely blog though!

Hi Peter,

Thanks! I'm with you on the Tweed. Lovely stuff. But I quite liked these patterns too - unusual, like bingo hall carpet.

It seems to be the Welsh style. They had some lovely blankets for sale. Not insipid at all.

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