Armstrongs Vintage Clothing, Edinburgh

Armstrong's Vintage Clothing has been trading since 1840 in Edinburgh's Grassmarket. I could spend hours in there, looking at the amazing retro clothes.

Armstrongs Vintage Clothing, Edinburgh

There are classic pieces of clothing (cashmere knits, Tweed jackets) and wiggier items like op-art dresses and kipper ties.

Armstrongs Vintage Clothing, Edinburgh

It's just amazing to look through, like a museum of fashion crammed into one small higgledy-piggledy shop.

There's a much bigger one up Clerk Street these days, I think, Anne... Corner of Montague street or Lutton place.

That said, Google doesn't seem to recognise it, so maybe it's me that's out of date.

I love the display in the second photo, also, there are a couple things in this store I want. My friend Jamie lives in Glasgow (im over in Brooklyn,NY) but I should tell him to stop by and pick me up something that screams my name out to him, haha, hes a character, Im sure I would get something good.

We would die for having a look at ArmstrongĀ“s!! Greetings from Mad!!

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