Museum of Everything, Primrose Hill

I was in London last week for a Newspaper Club factory visit and managed to sneak in a visit to the Museum of Everything in Primrose Hill.

The exhibition on now, curated by the artist Peter Blake, gathers some of his amazing collections in one place. Featuring bizarre taxidermy (boxing squirrels!) from Walter Potter, fairground art from Carter's Steam Fair, circus posters, and a miniature shell grotto. Right up my street. No photos allowed, which is rubbish, so you'll just have to see it for yourself if you haven't already.

The exhibition has been extended until the end of January, so get in quick. More info on the Museum of Everything website (warning: music).

It's a fantastic little place. I didn't think the Peter Blake exhibition, which we caught just before Christmas thinking it was about to end, was quite as good as their first one: a very wide-ranging selection of outsider art from around the world. Great to see Blake's portion of the Walter Potter collection on show, though.

Wow, that sounds good. Is outsider art their thing, or do they literally do everything? It'll be interesting to see what the next exhibition is.

I found it very refreshing after being in a "proper" modern art gallery a few days before. It was full of old toss!

I'm not really sure, because they've not been going very long, but it does feel as if that might be a general theme of the place. Outsider art was "Exhibition #1", Peter Blake is #3; in-between was a small show at Tate Modern that invited open submissions from "overlooked artists".

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