The Band Room, North Yorkshire Moors

It's starting to feel a bit springlike here - snowdrops out, buds on the trees etc. And as nature springs to life, so Nothing To See Here cranks up for another season. The latest entry on The Band Room by Jane from Maraid Design is particularly lovely. A small corrugated iron building built in the 1920s for the Farndale Silver Band, it has been rejuvenated as a modern music venue with an impressive list of select international visitors. More on The Band Room website.

Fans of tin buildings may also enjoy Corrugated Iron Buildings, the new publication from Shire Books, as well as the essential Flickr groups Corrugated Iron Buildings, Tin Tabernacles and the sharply-focused Corrugated Iron Barns of North Herefordshire and the Whole World.

There's a new show by George Shaw at the Baltic in Gateshead opening on Friday. He's a British painter who only paints the Coventry estate where he grew up, and he paints it with Humbrol paints.


There's an excellent interview with him in the Guardian where he talks about his art and his upbringing. Very refreshing in a number of ways.

Young's Interesting Books, Glasgow

Young's Interesting Books is a great second-hand bookshop in Skirving Street on Glasgow's south side. We visited on Saturday when it was exactly one year old. The photo above shows a book on Cornish windmills mingling with "Touchers" the history of Queen's Park Bowling Club. Nice.

Young's Interesting Books, Glasgow

As the name suggests, it's full of interesting books. A really nice selection of classics and curios - kids books, rare books, sci fi, you name it, it's in there. It's a bit like a smaller version of Voltaire & Rousseau (the best bookshop ever) in Otago Lane.

Young's Interesting Books, Glasgow

A rousing northern soul soundtrack enhanced the browsing experience. Thanks to Southside Happenings (Glasgow's premiere southside blog) for the tip.

Matt Sewell's Spotting and Jotting

Spotting and Jotting, the illustrated ornithological world of Matt Sewell is a must for all discerning birders. I like birds, (did I mention that?) and the last few weeks have been great for birdspotting with siskins, chaffinches, bullfinches, blue tits, great tits, dunnocks, magpies,wood pigeons, redpolls and blackcaps coming into visit. These colourful garden visitors make strolling into the kitchen for a cup of tea that bit more exciting. The Spotting and Jotting shop celebrates the most colourful garden visitors with hand-painted birds, colouring books and Spotting and Jotting kits.


That's not all, at the magnificent Caught By The River Matt posts a bird of the week (an excellent selection so far). The extraordinary waxwing is shown above.

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