Young's Interesting Books, Glasgow

Young's Interesting Books is a great second-hand bookshop in Skirving Street on Glasgow's south side. We visited on Saturday when it was exactly one year old. The photo above shows a book on Cornish windmills mingling with "Touchers" the history of Queen's Park Bowling Club. Nice.

Young's Interesting Books, Glasgow

As the name suggests, it's full of interesting books. A really nice selection of classics and curios - kids books, rare books, sci fi, you name it, it's in there. It's a bit like a smaller version of Voltaire & Rousseau (the best bookshop ever) in Otago Lane.

Young's Interesting Books, Glasgow

A rousing northern soul soundtrack enhanced the browsing experience. Thanks to Southside Happenings (Glasgow's premiere southside blog) for the tip.

I'll have to visit these shops - the southside is still very much a mystery to me.

I've been working on a drawing from the inside of Voltaire and Rousseau which I'm hoping to post later once its scanned.

Hi Wil,

Yes, me too. It always seems like there's something happening on the south side but I never know how to find it.

Skirving St is a nice little enclave - good cafes, excellent deli, nice gift shop and two charity shops as well as the bookshop. I was very pleased with myself getting the train there this week and understanding a bit more about how different places join up.

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