Tunnock's Daylight Bakeries, Uddingston

The warm weather seemed like a good excuse for the first picnic of the season. So on Saturday we took ourselves off to the Tunnock's bakery in Uddingston to pick up some treats.

The Tunnock's Factory, Uddingston

I took the opportunity for a walk round the back of the factory. Being Tunnock's they have jollified the usual vats and pipes with their upbeat and forthright advertising.


Their bakery (which is labelled the 'tea room') across from the factory (labelled the 'bakery', above) is like a traditional high street bakers filled with Tunnock's products and baked goods made exclusively for the shop. It is amazing at the best of times but even better, they were giving away free Caramel Logs with every purchase. Imagine!

Tunnock's Tea Rooms, Uddingston

The window display was superbly mad as always.

First picnic of the year

Plus, they've got some new merchandise in the shape of these fab caramel wafer mugs, launched to celebrate their mini Caramel Wafer tubs. Sitting in the shadow of Bothwell Castle, sipping coffee and eating a mini lemon meringue pie = sheer bliss.

Next time I come over, can we go there please!!!!

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