Herb Lester's Glasgow companion

Herb Lester, makers of the coolest maps around have come up trumps again with their guide to Glasgow. In one beautifully-designed sheet, Glasgow's best bits, well-known and hidden, are picked out by Glaswegian connoisseurs. I suggested a few of my favourite places for it and can vouch for it being a very valuable asset for anyone visiting this fine city.

Herb Lester's Glasgow map

The maps are available from the Herb Lester website and in Glasgow, from the Maisonette and Monorail among others. In the time it has taken to write this they're on to their next map - a beautiful guide to Untamed London in partnership with Caught By The River . Like the others it's a breath of fresh air.

Dodgems by Leigh Mulley

This is a new painting by Leigh Mulley, a contemporary realist painter based in Folkestone.


And this is the original photo that I took in Scarborough a few years ago. Good likeness, huh?

Dodgems by Leigh Mulley

After discovering that we share a number of interests like the seaside, fairgrounds, ice cream vans and Tunnock's, Leigh asked if she could turn one of my photos into a painting. What an honour, to contribute to this amazing collection of work.

If you're in the area, Leigh has a show on at the Space Gallery in Folkestone until 10 July, and will be exhibiting at Canterbury's Lilford Gallery in August.

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