Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge

We went to Middlesbrough recently, for a trip on its famous transporter bridge. There are only three transporter bridges like this in the UK (the only other public one is in Newport), and only twelve left in the world.

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge and Clock Tower

It works by moving a suspended platform or 'gondola' across the river from one side of the bridge to the other. The bridge provides a valuable shortcut for cars and passengers who want to cross the Tees.

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge

It runs every fifteen minutes or so, or on demand. There's no ceremony when you step on. Everyone stands around on the deck as the platform starts to move. For such a big beast it moves very gracefully and only takes a couple of minutes to reach the other side.

Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge

It's probably not everyone's idea of a grand day out but there was something very calming about watching it rumble from one side to the other. More photos in this Flickr set.

Temenos by Anish Kapoor

Further down the river there's a huge artwork by Anish Kapoor called Temenos. This was the UK's largest public sculpture when it was installed in 2010.

Tommy and Temenos

Here's Tommy standing at one end of it, for scale. The whole area is a mish mash of decline and regeneration so these brash newcomers mingle with the old industrial inhabitants to make a very atmospheric place. Nice one Middlesbrough.

That Kapoor sculpture is fantastic, especially in the landscape context. I think I will have to go and see it for myself...

Looks fab, Anne! Worth a trip over there, I reckon... Hope all's well with you. Kate x

I had no idea we had a transporter bridge in England. I've been to see this one...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hvjhyL04c4 the wonderful opening to the best ever musical film made!

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