I'm not sure how 4 months have passed without a single update, but I haven't felt like blogging. Sometimes that happens, I guess. For a while it felt like Twitter and Instagram had kind of taken its place but recently I've felt like there's a gap for where I'd like to put things, and I think this is where it is.

It's nothing exciting really, just some holiday snaps of a trip to North Yorkshire and Tyneside. Familiar ground but it always has something new to discover. So without further ado, here's Harrogate:

Corgi biscuits at Betty's

Betty's famous tea room was in full swing for the Jubilee.

Diamond Jubilee cakes

Their speciality is the Fat Rascal - a fruity scone/rock cake hybrid. Really delicious.

A pile of fat rascals

Might have to give this Fat Rascal recipe a go.

That's it for now. Going to post this before I change my mind.

Those corgi lebkuchen are definitely worth a blog post. They're way too cute too eat though!

I swear I don't do this deliberately, and they are an astonishingly good piece of baked goods. But. I find myself repeatedly referring to them as Fat Bastards. Is this wrong? I know it's wrong. I must be evil. I'll get my coat.

There used to be a subscription list years ago that I was on, but somehow I lost touch with the site / blog. Very pleased to have found it again.

Hello Harry,

That seems perfectly normal! I've had to correct myself a couple of times, including when I was ordering one. It certainly keeps you on your toes in fine surroundings like Betty's.

Glad you found the site again btw. Must keep it going this time!

I like I Like, so please keep it up!

Wellcome back! We have missed you!

Ditto Alistair's comment. I haven't checked in for quite a while and was strangely pleased that I hadn't missed too much. I'm always impressed that you seem to find the inclination and motivation to get up and off to all the places you visit. Most inspiring!

PS. We live very near Ilkley where another branch of Betty's can be found and Fat Bastards (sorry Rascals) are a prerequisite before strolling along The Grove of a Sunday morning.

I went to Harrogate last week and had a Fat Rascal - I'd never heard of them before. Might give that recipe a go when I get chance. Did you try it? Emma x

Wow those Rock cakes look very tempting. nom nom

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