Nothing To See Here cover

Nothing To See Here: a Guide to the Hidden Joys of Scotland is one year old today. Its first year has been a good one - the first printing is almost sold out and a second run is on its way. It fits nicely into the Pocket Mountains stable of travel guides and is quietly making inroads into bookshops around the country.

Pocket Mountains book stall

I've been delighted by all the positive comments so far (two five star reviews on Amazon, no less!). It's been an adventure considering it didn't start out as a book. So thanks to everyone who bought it, or spread the word. It's much appreciated. I've had a year off writing but am ready to start again now so hopefully there are more books to come.

So... if anyone is looking for a stocking-filler (it will literally fit in a stocking) it's available from Pocket Mountains, Amazon and independent shops like Monorail Music and All That Is Solid in Glasgow among others.

Second run!

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