I like is a blog mostly, with some stuff round the edges like photos and links. There are some non-blog pages round the back like the postcards and the specials from years ago.

It's a mixture of things I find, things I do and things that other people find or do. Generally, it's about whatever I like. There's more about how it got started in the talk I gave at interesting2007. In 2010 it was 8 years old.

It may contain the following

Dilapidation, seaside towns, modernism, patterns, classic cafes, cartoons, maps, Ladybird books, cups of tea, Tunnock's, old signs and lettering, chips, suburbia, Scotland, travel, vintage motorhomes, car boot sale finds, piers, lidos, monorails, children's books, packaging, Moomins, pop art, op art, sitcoms, anything beautiful and commonplace.


I'm Anne. Hello. I live in Glasgow with my other half, our two wee boys (10 and 4), one cat (11) and some tropical fish.

I am a website manager by trade and currently work for Newspaper Club, a website that helps people to print their own newspapers. Before that, I worked for Folksy, Learning and Teaching Scotland, DFID and Glasgow Caledonian University.

I am also available for other projects, so if you'd like to work together please get in touch.


I like has spawned two other sites - Nothing To See Here - a collaborative travel guide to unusual places, and This is M. Sasek which is devoted to Miroslav Sasek, the Czech children's illustrator and author of the This is series of books (which grew from I like M. Sasek).

My friend Catrina made the I like logo which shows me and my cat Bingo around 11 years ago.

The strapline "Happy to be a part of the industry of human happiness" was the slogan of Immediate Records, Andrew Loog Oldham's brilliant 1960s record label. As the label is no longer going I've given it a good home. It sums everything up nicely.