Quarrelling is taboo

This is The Boy's Club building in Stirling."Quarrelling is taboo" is such a good motto.

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The building was remodelled in 1929 as a base for boys' associations like the Scouts and the Boys Brigade. It has these great inscriptions above the door and windows.

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Designed by Eric Bell, it's at 39 John Street, close to the Old Town Jail and just down the hill from the castle.

There's a lot of buzz about the new Cadbury's Trucks advert. I'm afraid I don't like it. To be truthful I didn't really like the drumming gorilla one either. The gorilla itself is fine but this thing of having a random idea, sticking a product on the end and calling that advertising is a bit lazy if you ask me. It won loads of awards though, so maybe there's something about my pedantic, logical brain that's just not getting it. Before I get too churlish, it's funny that youtube highlights another advert about chocolate and trucks which gets straight to the point. Get your laughing gear round this.


This is the loveliest (and the smartest) thing I've seen in a long time. Not saying what it is or it will give the game away. Fab (via 30gms).

Since getting Sky+ I usually fast forward through the adverts, but I had to rewind this one. A team of crack home economists build a new Skoda Fabia out of cake. It's fantastic. Admirable in the amount of planning and effort that it involved (the 'Baking of...' documentary shows it took a lot of work) but also for the sheer idiot glee of the concept. It illustrates Sacrum's concept of Brand Warmness. It doesn't tell you much about the car but it makes Skoda seem like nice people. This seems like a positive step for companies and consumers alike.

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