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I like February 2003
Well, I saw Erlend Øye and he didn't disappoint. The music was great, like a soundtrack to a trans-European train journey, and Erlend danced about to his own songs like a giant ginger Boogaloo bird. It's lovely how he talks to the audience and has a laugh with everyone. Can't recommend him highly enough. Wish every gig was as good as that.

Erlend Oye: UnrestHooray. I'm going to see Erlend Øye, the bespectacled half of the Kings of Convenience (the Norwegian Simon & Garfunkel), and the voice on Royksopp's Poor Leno and Remind me. He has gone solo for his new album Unrest. Having seen him before I know that the live Erlend experience is something a bit special. He's a very funny man with a lovely voice and some great patter. Go see.

03.02.03 John Hinde and M. Sasek specials updated with links to some good stuff, particularly an online version of Sasek's This is New York.