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Our True Intent - book cover23.04.03
Our True Intent is All For Your Delight : The John Hinde Butlin's Photographs
are on display at the British Council in Berlin from 29 March-18 May 2003.

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Cat on a Hot Thin Groove18.04.03
I fell across Gene Deitch on the internet when I was looking for information about children's books that have been made into cartoons. Gene Deitch was responsible for animating a lot of great cartoons including a number of children's books for Weston Woods, like Where the Wild Things Are and various episodes of Popeye and Krazy Kat. I didn't know a thing about him, but now I know his magazine covers are in a book called The Cat on a Hot Thin Groove: The Complete Collection of 78rpm Cartoons from the Legendary Record Changer Magazine. There are some great pictures from this on Gene Deitch's website. It looks brilliant. I love it when you just trip over things like that.

LeninOver the past few days, I've been wondering if anyone is archiving all the murals, statues and monuments to Saddam Hussein before they're all destroyed. I find them strangely fascinating. It's worth considering what happened to the monuments of other dictators in history. The Exposition of Soviet Statues in Grutas Park (or Stalin World) in Lithuania, was opened by a local magnate who said, "You shouldn't turn your back on history. If you hit a dog, he'll remember it for a long time." (Read more) Or you could see Gigantic Memorials from the Soviet Dictatorship (pictured) in Hungary.

Maybe the shock tourists should take on the job.

More likes added. Gone a bit arty this month.

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