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Savoy Cafe, BrechinFor a long time I've been liking old shops, and old signs. I just love 'em, and they're disappearing fast so I started taking pictures. They're not the best photos. I'm no photographer, but the shops are very cute. Here are cafes and bakeries to start off with.

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Again, BBC Four are ahead of the game with High rise dreams: a documentary on modernist architects working on social housing, like the Alton East estate in Roehampton, Park Hill estate in Sheffield and Neave Brown's Alexandra Road in Camden. Brilliant archive footage, and a case of accentuating the positive. Folowed by a documentary on Le Corbusier. All part of Architecture Week. Ace.

This is the Day17.06.03
I am liking very much Sound design: classic audio and hi-fi design by David Attwood which has lots of great pictures of dansettes and Bush radios, plus radiograms and stereograms designed by Verner Panton and Robin Day. Well groovy.

It's all around us. Architecture week. 20-27 June 2003.

Get your frock on, it's the Webbys.

Some new likes added. Other than that, I've been all over Scotland in the past week taking pictures. I am still happiest by the sea. Photos here soon.

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