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I like July 2003

All I've done lately is watch old films. I liked Maurice Binder's title sequence for The Mouse that Roared (1959). I liked toddler taming in Promise Her Anything (1964). And I liked two films shot in and around airports: The V.I.P.s (1963) set in Heathrow's Oceanic Terminal - the film was deadly dull, but the airport bits look great and everyone was in it - and Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round (1966) set in LAX Airport's groovalicious Theme Building.

Again, I'm a little late with the news, but the John Hinde Our True Intent is All For Your Delight exhibition of Butlins photographs is on at the Rose Gallery, Santa Monica until August 23rd.

The Jean GenieIf you want a reet nice read try Don't tread on my rosaries by John Bagnall. Full of cracking cartoons and charming tales it's a camera obscura trip to a slightly quirky, pleasantly musty, parallel universe. Order, and delight your eyes at the Kurvaceous Kingly Books website.

Also, there's a peek into another warped world at the Theatre Museum in London, which has an exhibition of Eduard Bersudsky's sculptures from the Sharmanka Gallery in Glasgow. It's hard to find words that do justice to these amazing mechanical contraptions. Completely magical, slightly sinister and totally wondrous they're a treat for anyone who likes Jan Svankmajer, Heath Robinson and all that kind of crazy nonsense.

Spent the day on a West coast tour through Prestwick, Troon, and Saltcoats. Found a few cracking cafes.

The travelling exhibition of John Hinde photos that accompanies Our True Intent Is All for Your Delight:... is on at Belfast Exposed.

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Cheeky Tim Tams ad10.07.03
Rippah! Tim Tams are now available in the UK, thanks to Tesco's. This info courtesy of NiceCupofTeaandaSitDown.com, for all your biscuit needs. If you're not antipodean you might not know about the Tim Tam slam - known to cure all ills. Bite each end off the Tim Tam (any variety) and sook tea/coffee through the biscuit. I'm off to try one, or seven.

I was up last night watching The Moomins on Boomerang. Man, it was *rubbish*. You wouldn't believe something so bad could come from something so good. Anyhoo, this sparked a discussion about what The Moomins used to be like on TV and, by the wonders of the electronic interweb, they used to be like this. I'd like to kiss the person that put this together.

As I am in Moomin-mode, my favourite Moomins story, indeed one of my favourite stories ever, is The fillyjonk who believed in disasters from Tales from Moominvalley. It is the saddest story ever told. There's also an excellent article about The Moomins in LA Weekly which goes some way to explain why they're so great.

G. J. PickenMitre Bar03.07.03
Neglected design elements Nos. 1 and 2.
#1. The Bendy Arrow
(left) and #2. The Squashed Rectangle (right). Also, my new favourite building.

New likes added.

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