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In the end, nothing happened earlier but at least the likes were prepared. got a roof and a bed that's enough.

28.08.03The Auld Hoose
Everything is happening a bit earlier this month because I'm moving house tomorrow. The whole house-hunting/house-buying/flat-selling farrago seems to have taken up a great deal of my life over the past few months. At every stage I think "Thank God that's finished" and forget for about half an hour that it isn't the end at all, only the end of one stage. At the moment I keep thinking "No more living out of boxes" but d'oh!, it's not. It is, at least, the beginning of living out of boxes in a larger space. That alone is a very good thing.

So apologies if it's a bit quiet round here for a while. I have been sent some lovely things lately: a lovely, lovely site about The Golden Egg chain of restaurants (Oh for a time machine!) which lives in a what looks like a great site on Designing Britain, 1945-1975. (Thanks Emily!); and a truly fascinating collection of Victor Anderson's lentographs - the ones with animals are particularly worrisome. (Thanks Stu!). I do really like it when people send me things. You all know my taste by now so if you've got something to recommend send it in.

Just in case Fatboy Slim's original Weapon of Choice video wasn't great enough, here's a sticktacular spin-off.

There's a Jacques Tati season at the NFT which is coming to Glasgow, yay! Mon oncle, here I come.

I have a long-standing liking for Expos, so two Expo-related links, one old, one new.
Diller & Scofidio: the Blur building
Expo2005 to feature futuristic transit systems

And one daft but extremely important story. Surely this is *map map* wrong?
Pingu gets new voice

Reading: Archy & Mehitabel which is *lovely*. I've had the book for years, because of the George Herriman illustrations, but had only flicked through it. It's the everyday story of a cat who used to be Cleopatra and a cockroach with the soul of a vers libre poet. Toujours gai indeed.

Listening to: Broadcast. One of the truly great bands around at the moment. Also read an interesting interview with them. Interesting because their records and their live shows always led me to believe they were po-faced automatons (or is that automata?) but it turns out they sit about watching jolly Czech films like Daisies.

Watching: Len Lye and Norman McLaren as mentioned below. Len Lye's Birth of a Robot is cracking, and Norman McLaren's Hell Unltd was more or less the war film I was thinking of. Considering it's from 1936 it still packs a punch.

Also spotted some John Hinde Butlins postcards in Restoration this week, when it focussed on the Victoria Lino Works in Kirkcaldy. I think I'll vote for the Britannia Music Hall though, being a Glasgow girl.

Prestonpans modernityMusselburgh modernityTook a trip to East Lothian and had a great day by the sea in Gullane and North Berwick. Found this nice bit of ye olde modern art (left) in Prestonpans. Nothing else to see there so lucky there was something good to look at. That part of Scotland seems to be a real mixture of old and new, as there's some more modernity in Musselburgh at their Brunton Theatre (right) and Brunton Hall.

Bored? Test your Meowmory.

I like animation. That's no secret. And I like Pete Fowler. So I like the stuff he has done for the Super Furry Animals' Phantom Power. A bit of the album promo (launch player here), where it's raining bombs reminds me of an old public information film I saw from the 1930s or 40s, which I now can't find at all. It had a bit about money and the economy, and Hitler I think, and was really nicely animated. Does this ring any bells? In trying to find it I've found Britain in the Thirties from the BFI. It contains some other films I remember seeing at the same time, like some Len Lye stuff and Norman McLaren's Hell Unltd. I'm wondering if it was one of them. I shall be ordering it forthwith. Also found a book about Halas & Batchelor during my search, which looks intruiguing. More on that when I've done my homework, and hopefully found this film.

New likes. Some lovely stuff this month, even if I do say so myself.

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