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I like September 2003

New likes. Very perky this month.

This gives a new meaning to Best in show.

Birthday girl21.09.03
I like is 1 year old this month. Happy birthday to we! I would have liked to mark this occasion with some kind of party - fizzy juice, crisps on plates etc. but you're all spread far and wide (and some of you probably aren't allowed fizzy juice). I'd like you all to go off and have a wee party yourselves though. Huge thanks for all the links, kind words and support since I like's introduction to the world last September. Here's to our second year where we get the hang of walking and talking and become cuter and more infuriating in equal measures.

Something serious for a change. There is a big stooshie in Glasgow at the moment about the future of the Tramway, an Arts venue on the South Side of Glasgow. The full story is in The Herald - in short it's facing closure, which would be a real loss to Glasgow and the UK Arts scene in general. I was sent a copy of a letter from Seona Reid, Principal of The Glasgow School of Art who says:

We need to gather together as many people nationally and internationally as we can who will, when the moment comes, write to Glasgow City Council, Scottish Arts Council, Scottish Ballet and the Scottish and UK press.

There is already quite a stir about this, so if it's something you feel strongly about, or think you can help with please lobby some or all of the organisations involved. Let's hope someone high up still has a chance to change their mind.

16.09.03Harry Maiden
Finally I got round to finishing some more photos. Old shops this time, various kinds.

I'm delighted that the Victoria Baths won Restoration. Of all the projects it seemed the most deserving - 1. because it looks like such a beautiful, unique building, and 2. because Britain needs more public baths. I would never underestimate the positive effects swimming has on the mind and body. So congratulations Mancunians, you lucky things!

I've found a lot of things to like this week, so here they are in no particular order.

I like these Russian dolls.

Surreal good news about Destino - a collaboration between Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. It's finally out. I hope this is as amazing as it sounds.

Looking at this tile thing made me remember Altair Design pads. I'm very excited that you can still buy them. Nothing like a bit of colouring in.

Also, now I have to get the train to work I can read more. So I'm reading Everything is illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer, which is funny. I've also been looking at a lot of sixties design books, to get some ideas for the house but I'll sort them out later. If anyone can tell me how to make my bathroom look like somewhere Derek Flint might hang out, do let me know.

Despite living fairly near it for most of my life, the finer points of Cumbernauld have completely passed me by (except those in Gregory's Girl, of course). However, since seeing a very bizarre 1960s promo for it (a promo for a town?!), which starred Fenella Fielding and involved some sinister plot about poisoned yoghurt, its concrete glory has intrigued me. So I was pleased to find Cumbernauld: town for tomorrow: an interesting, if hard to navigate site, which shows what the Scottish Brasilia was designed to be, and goes some way to explain - through interviews with the people who designed it - where it all went wrong.

And one more municipal promo: Harrogate, Boardroom of the North.

I can see this from my new house. Which is nice.

"Librarians are often sexy." Oh yes. Here's something for the bibliophiles amongst you. Courtesy of b3ta.

And also, a while back in June I was liking a little animation called Belleville rendez-vous. I thought it was just a wee thing someone had knocked up for a website somewhere but no, it's a proper film for the cinema by Sylvain Chomet. By all accounts it's magnificent.

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