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Danube Tower, Vienna Car boot sale postcard #1: Donauturm mit Blick auf Kahlenberg und Leopoldsberg
A lovely old postcard of the Donauturm or Danube Tower in Vienna, built in 1964. At 252m high it's a bit of a tiddler in tower terms, but the John Hinde style colouration and wonky perspective on this card more than make up for it. Funnily enough I'd been thinking about Vienna before I found this. I was wondering why no one (well, no one my age anyway) seems to go there, when I imagine it'd be quite nice. All Third Man-esque and full of cake shops. Can anyone recommend it?

I had planned to put a lot of things up during the holidays but more likely, I'll be lying on the sofa eating wine gums until I'm sick. Merry Christmas everyone!

No two the sameThere was one nice link though, about how people make their own luck. As someone who's always being told I'm lucky I'd say this sounds true; I probably do take more chances, so I get more rewards. Either that or it's my leprechaun ancestry. Solitary, anti-social and hard-working? Sounds about right.

Merry Christmas everyone

Thought it was about time I got the tree up.

Today's links
One more Minipops quiz to drive you mad: Film & TV celebrities (there's a mini-Krankies!); and the Franz Ferdinand video for Take me out in all its glorious entirety. Plus some wallpaper for single people.

If you were hooked on the last Minipops quiz, here's another: Mini album covers.

b3ta have a great thread on their messageboard for Dadisms - the crap jokes and daft sayings your dad comes out with. For example: my dad always says "Mardon pee" after he burps, and *every* time he goes for a haircut he says "I'd like a curly perm please" (when he is bald). He's also prone to saying "What is this thusness?" when confronted with any kind of inexplicable situation. I've spent quite a lot of time reading these Dadisms today and the nice thing about them, apart from being really funny, is they make me realise how much I like my dad. Awww.

There is a really lovely project by Day 14 which asked artists to contribute artworks on the theme of "What was a source of wonder to you as a child?". Some of the results are brilliant (and it's very sweet that Tom Phillips picked his mum). I particularly like Airside's books, Pete Fowler's dinosaur, and Neville Brody aged 3.

Two mornings running I've had the pleasure of waking up with Franz Ferdinand on The Amp. Their new video for Take me out is an animated Dadaist delight that offsets their jangularity very nicely. Mmmm, I thought as I dribbled into my Shreddies, it features abstract elements referencing the cinema experiments of Viking Eggeling/Hans Richter throughout. Actually, I didn't think that at all (I did spot a bit of Oskar Fischinger though), I looked it up on Video-C which has a little clip of it. There is also a little clip of Broadcast, who were magnificent on Friday night. Trish has dropped the static Ladytron-type thing she had going on and swapped it for a Grace Slick-style hair/swaying combo. It might not sound very promising, but with the music and the great films of medicines and molecules and the like that they show as a backdrop it was quite a package.

Other than that, I missed the David Shrigley programme, hot damn, (have a look at his billboards for London Underground - so nice) but caught the Martin Parr one. My son (coming up for 3) loved it for some reason. He said "It's very funny this programme". He thought it was some kind of comedy thing. I think it was all the pictures of cups of tea and people eating ice creams. Linked to Martin Parr: the John Hinde: Our true intent... exhibition is on at the Gallery of Photography in Dublin until 31 January 2004.

Other miscellaneous links

An interview with Maurice Sendak from the forthcoming book The Art of Maurice Sendak.
Simple snowflake patterns to make.
Pantyhose (or tights to us Brits) ads and packages - I bought an old pair of tights at a car boot sale the other week and don't feel quite so weird after seeing this.
Stroke gives woman British accent.
Kevin McCloud's obsession with colours which I can relate to having spent all week searching for this shade of green.
Scandinavian mullet-clad 60s/70s popsters
More hair: Combovers.co.uk

R.I.P. David Hemmings. I liked him a lot. In his early career for Blow-Up and Barbarella; and in his later career for these crazy eyebrows.

This is exactly the sort of thing I was looking for yesterday - the Flip Flop Flyin' Advent Calendar.

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