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I like January 2004

R.I.P. Gillian29.01.04
One of my closest friends was killed last week, hence the quiet. I didn't know whether to mention it or not mention it. Neither seems quite right, but it's had an effect on me and it's hard to carry on like nothing has happened. I will miss her so much.

In the past few days I've found certain things very therapeutic: knitting, cooking, walking and tinkering with this website. I've had a good old spring clean - crisper layout, new archive, a mailing list, some new bakeries. Hopefully it's the start of a new approach for a new year. There are a few things I still haven't got quite right but I'll keep working on them. You like?

Despite not really being near the internet for a good while I still seem to have a huge pile of links to clear out, so here goes:
A list of priests (real and imaginary) featured in Father Ted
A pocket-size Berlin Fernsehturm Tower by Mister Ministeck - me want!
A nicely written tribute to Spalding Gray
I'm crushing your head: Some photos that play with perpective

That's all I can find for now.

The Northern Fish Restaurant18.01.04
I'm liking Franz Ferdinand storming into the charts at no.3 and a lovely collection of American signs, found on City of Sound. The Dolphin Restaurant and Hotel Lafayette are just two of the highlights. There is also a link to a lovely collection of signs by Mark Eastman I've been taking loads of pictures lately but never seem to put any of them up so here's one I liked Elgin a few months ago.

I am currently trying to redesign the site and in true style, instead of planning anything or actually doing things properly, I'm running at it like a bull at a gate. I thought I had something sorted then realised it doesn't work at all in Netscape. [I did think if you're crazy enough to use Netscape you must be used to sites looking like a dog's dinner.] So I'm not liking much at the moment, just sitting quietly cursing to myself.

As of last night I like Lost in Translation. Very atmospheric, great cast, great music (all hail Sofia Coppola for getting Kevin Shields to do something again). It makes a lovely trilogy of Bill Murray niceness with Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums. I still feel all warm and fuzzy today.

I found out, in an obituary of lollipop king Enric Bernat, that Salvador Dali designed the famous Chupa Chups logo. He based it on a daisy. Now that's the kind of useless fact I like.

I'm having a bit of a clear out at the moment so here are some things that I didn't manage to put up in 2003:

Some images that make your eyes hurt
The Dirkon paper (pinhole) camera
An article about Bernd and Hilla Bercher who take beautiful photos of water towers, gasometers and other industrial landscapes.
Samorost - a lovely little game that was doing the rounds. Help get this little man home!
The illustrated catalogue of Acme products
A very nice site about waterguns
And finally, Magilla Gorilla for sale - don't call him monkey, he ain't got no tail.

There was a nice piece in the Guardian about The Midland Hotel, Morecambe, an "Art Deco building of international importance" which has fallen on hard times. Seahorses by Eric Gill, murals by Eric Ravilious - sounds like the ideal retreat for a modernist weekender.

Sometimes I can see this happening to me.

Happy new year! New likes up.

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