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The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society by Andy MillerSeptember has been a bit of a Kinks month. Truth be told, most months are Kinks months in the I like household but we've got two new purchases to play with. Firstly, Village Green Preservation Society has been reissued as a 3 CD set with bonus tracks and rarities like Misty Water, Where Did My Spring Go and King Kong. This is a steal at £9.99 (on import in the US). Secondly there's a book The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society by Andy Miller, a dinky paperback which is part of the 33 1/3 series (a great idea - next in the pile Dusty in Memphis). It's perfect for enthusiasts who want to know every last fact (Big Sky was written on the balcony of the Carlton Hotel in Cannes) or newcomers who want to know what the fuss is all about. Painstakingly researched but lightly written it puts the album in context - released on the same day as The White Album, it failed to chart anywhere in the world. There are also lots of great quotes from Raymond Douglas Davies - 'I go out of my way to like ordinary things. I cling on to the simple values... I think "ordinary" people are quite complex enough without looking for greater sophistication.' If there was a soundtrack to I like this would be it - low key, out of step with the times and written by a miserable bastard who somehow manages to get people smiling.

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Old hairstyling advert If you like the old cafe photos you might like old hairdressers. I've been collecting these for a long time. Every town has at least one and they're another taste of yesteryear with quality signwriting, 50s styling, or simple charm. This time there is international representation from Coiffurama in Nice which was so smart it looked like a brand new retro-styled place, but then... those adverts. Other favourites: The Castle Hairdressing Room in Carlisle, the nicely-titled Cutting Room in Dingwall, and the understated Derek Lang from Montrose. Vintage hair fans may also like this.

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All of today's links stolen from Stuart Marshall.

The Best from ScotlandHooray for Franz Ferdinand winning the Mercury Music Prize. I hope they get to ride around George Square in an open-topped bus and we get a holiday to celebrate. These articles about Glasgow's 'new' music scene are annoying though (Glasgow dubbed 'secret capital' of pop music by Time - Scotsman, Rock bands inspire Belle epoque for Glasgow scene - Guardian). Even my stepmum, not known for her knowledge of popular music commented on it because, as every Glaswegian interviewed has said, Glasgow has always had great bands. The only new bit is them getting noticed. And the Guardian article is so patronising, you'd think we were all running about stabbing each other - read what Lonely Planet really says and if you've never been, come and see it for yourself sometime.

Mr Topsy Turvy The joy of a day off. Neil & I went to the pictures this morning. 10.20 to be exact. It was weird seeing a film before lunch, like being Mr Topsy-Turvy. What next? Breakfast at bedtime? Elevenses at 4 o'clock? Like, anarchy. We went to see Dodgeball which was fantastic. I like anything with Ben Stiller in it, and Vince Vaughn was a bit of a bonus as I have a leetle crush on him. It was very stupid, like Zoolander, but very funny and quite moving. Man, I really wanted those guys to win. Must be post-Olympic come down. If you're going, stay right to the end, but not if you want to drink milkshake again. Also saw the trailer for Shaolin Soccer which looks a bit mad. Back to work tomorrow *sigh*.

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The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society by er, The Kinks. Fantastic album. Can't recommend it highly enough.

The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society by Andy MillerThe Kinks are The Village Green Preservation Society by Andy Miller. Great little book. Part of the 33 1/3 series from Continuum Books.

Just above the mantlepiece: mass market masterpieces by Wayne Hemingway. Beautiful books of paintings by J. H. Lynch, Tretchikoff and others.

How to be idle How to be idle by Tom Hodgkinson. A day-to-day guide on how to do as little as possible by Idler supremo.

Free the Bees Free the Bees by The Bees, the Isle of Wight's finest retro rockers. Amazing 60s sound.

This is London This is London by M. Sasek. Sympathetic reissue of the 1959 children's classic. More information at This is M. Sasek.