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I'd meant to have a bit more to say, but instead, here are some nice tea bags.


All a bit half-baked today. I only meant to look at the internet for a minute and I've been here for hours. The other night I dreamt I was project managing a My Bloody Valentine reunion and then Kevin Shields dropped out. That was kinda weird. This sent me looking for their cover (mp3, my copy cuts off before the end) of Wire's Map Ref 41°N 93°W (Real Audio) which Spoilt Victorian Child posted some time ago. The Confluence Project solves the mystery of where 41°N 93°W is. It's another mystery why they picked it. Another Wire classic: Outdoor Miner from A Head Full of Wishes, a generous Galaxie 500/Luna site with lots of mp3s. A little Egg Nog will get you through this cold snap. Interesting cover versions at Chromewaves.net. Vintage Ford Galaxie adverts 1959, 1966 (from a huge selection of vintage Ford ads).

Found today:

Lots and lots for us to do:

New Piccadilly calling cardCafe Society. In London last week I made a pilgrimage to classic caff, the New Piccadilly. What a lovely place. Great horseshoe-shaped menu. Lovely booths. Perfect chips and sumptuous canneloni washed down with a big glass of Fanta. No real need for anything else but it would have been rude not to try the puddings. According to Lorenzo Marioni, the owner, it's closing in the Spring so cafe lovers visit now and fill your boots. Later, on the way to the British Museum, I went looking for these Tea Rooms but they're long gone. Back in Glasgow at the weekend I tried to celebrate my birthday with a trip to The Ritz. The Ritz Cafe in Millport that is, an islandic formica Mecca (formecca?). We withstood a windy ferry crossing only to find it (and Millport) closed for the season. Plan B was to head back to Largs and thaw out in Nardini's, the cafe to end all cafes, but it was closed too. Bought over and being refurbished - sympathetically I hope. It's all so sad. It feels like there's nothing left. Classic Cafes, (who have had a sympathetic refit) and Russell Davies are feeling the pinch too. Thanks to those of you who have suggested cafes to visit, and recommended the perfect cafe soundtrack from Saint Etienne. There's obviously a real love for these places. There must be something more we can do to preserve them. Anyone have any bright ideas?

Back home:

I'm going to be away for the next week so these'll have to do you:
Don't sweat it!

Everyone knows it's windy:

Went to see Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and am still finding connections:

Out with the old, in with the new:

Happy new year. Most of the new likes speak for themselves, just two things to add:


I like recommends:

The Sound Gallery The Sound Gallery (CD). Briliant easy listening compilation with the theme from the Milk Tray advert and other gems.

The Sound Spectrum The Sound Spectrum (CD). Follow-up to the above featuring lots of Roy Budd tracks and the theme from Budgie.

Songs for Mario's CafeSongs for Mario's Cafe (CD). Great compilation from cafe enthusiasts Saint Etienne.

Mass Market Classics: A Celebration of Everyday Design by Wayne Hemingway Mass Market Classics: A Celebration of Everyday Design by Wayne Hemingway. Celebration of everyday objects such as shelving units, electric heaters etc.

The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton The Art of Travel by Alain de Botton. Lovely book about why we travel, not where.

Ed Ruscha by Richard Marshall. Beautiful pop art paintings of gas stations and more.

George Shaw paintingTwo books by the painter George Shaw - This Was Life and What I Did This Summer (exhibition catalogue).

Just above the mantlepiece: mass market masterpieces by Wayne Hemingway. Beautiful books of paintings by J. H. Lynch, Tretchikoff and others.