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Happy Easter everyone!
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10.03.05 - Happy birthday to Sean
Expo 67 man
Oh! Canada. Lots to see in the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) archives (via Observer blog). Generous TV clips on the 60s and Expo 67. If you only watch one thing make it Ca-na-da! - a musical tour of the expo 67 site. Monorails, minirails, chairlifts - it's got it all. There's also lots about Habitat 67, Moshe Safdie's experiment to make better, cheaper housing for the masses. More expo info:

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The Kingdom of FifeThere are days that are made for going to Fife. So off we went over the Kincardine Bridge, a 1930s boxy beauty with elegant lamposts, and sound advice to Look aboot ye (something to do with Robert the Bruce and a lost gauntlet). Seeing the first red-roofed house on the other side is like arriving in another country. Next we headed for well-hidden 16th century Culross. The approach along a twisty road with views of Longannet Power Station and the oil refineries in Grangemouth (described by famous sons the Cocteau Twins as 'a toilet') doesn't bode well, but it's worth it when you catch sight of Culross Palace. And there's more. I like Lower Largo, home of Alexander Selkirk, the inspiration for Robinson Crusoe. Any other place they'd be milking it but there's only a hotel, a statue and a signpost to Juan Fernandez Island. The understatedness of it all seem kind of cool. On we went through lots of little towns and villages to the East Neuk, one of my favourite places on earth. It's so sleepy and quiet and never seems to change. On to Elie for a walk along the spotless sandy beach, and through Pittenweem to Anstruther for chips by the harbour. The whole area has a kind of self-confidence which is really refreshing. It's not under pressure to make itself more modern or more popular. You can see a huge amount in a short space of time, or do nothing. It's light years from home in the nicest possible way.

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