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I like June 2005

29.06.05 - Little but often

27.06.05 - Allsorts

23.06.05 - Dear Green Place
Daggs shopfrontDaggs The Gardeners Shop
- a Glasgow institution, is closing down this weekend. Gair, a non-gardening independent trader enthusiast has suggested a wee tribute and I'm happy to oblige after going in for some cape daisies during the week. (They would always call things by their popular name not their latin name - much more fun.) It's going to be a sad loss for Glasgow city centre and gardeners alike. For years it's sat just off Buchanan Street, round the corner from all the chain stores, lost in time in this crumbling blackened building with its great chunky lettering and bright green shopfront. For looks alone it's a winner, but the best thing is it's a really useful shop, totally unrivalled by big garden centres for quality and variety. It's the only place for classic plants like snowdrops and bluebells - they did a great bulb pick and mix in the spring. And the two men (in overalls) who ran it answered any questions with great Walter Matthau-style exasperated patience. No wonder they're ready to retire. Daggs, we salute you.

22.06.05 - Turned out nice again

15.06.05 - Workers, please! There will be time for the frozen pudding wagon later

13.06.05 - Cabin fever
Bingo is his name-o A terrible wave of sloth has overcome the I like household. I hardly go near the computer. Every time I look at my email I'm drowned in waves of spam. When I look through the internet everything seems to be at a standstill. I've found about 3 links in the past week and I think the effort of putting them up might actually kill me. It's JUNE and it's cold outside, which is the most miserable thing of all. It's too wet to go out and do anything, there's nothing on the telly or the pictures. I'd just like to crawl into bed and sleep until it's warm and there's something to do. Bingo, our cat has the right idea. Much mooching, an occasional feed and then a stroll in the evening to see who's around. At least there is a great bible for making the most of these times - How to Be Idle by Tom Hodgkinson (out in paperback at the end of the month).

06.06.05 - Random selection

01.06.05 - Let's do the Timewarp again
We're just back from a week in Cyprus. Lovely place. Great weather, good food, friendly people. And lots of strange things, especially in Nicosia, the world's last divided capital - split between Greek Cyprus in the south, and Turkish occupied Cyprus in the north. There's a little slit where you can peer through the Green Line and see shops and cafes that have been sitting derelict for over 30 years. It's a sad sight. Even on the Greek side some haven't changed for years. One of the shops had these Mackintosh's Golden Toffees that I remember being big in the 70s. The most bizarre was the chemists selling 40 year old beauty products 'with placenta'. Cyprus is a big tourist destination but it felt like no one had walked down these streets for decades. Photos in Flickr, with more to come during the week.