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I like July 2005

30.08.05 - A clean, well-lighted place
Bungalow Cafe, Victoria Road, GlasgowSaturday saw another southside cafe visit for Tommy and me, to The Bungalow Cafe on Victoria Road. It's halfway to classic, this one. There are some beautiful 1930s (?) details almost worn away to invisibility on the frontage, but they're eclipsed by a butt ugly modern sign on the top. The closer you get however, the more promising it becomes: lots of sweets in the window, a wartime Cadbury's advert and inside, the tidiest biscuits known to man. The booths nestling at the back aren't original but they've been there for a while, and the condiment arrangement shows its true colours. None of your sachet nonsense here. The food is good, plentiful and cheap - nice veggieburgers and chips, milkshakes in a tall glass, snowball ices. It's an all-round solid performance.

Outside there's plenty to see in Victoria Road. The vintage shopfront of Victoria Watchmakers, the old school ties in Cambell's Girls Shop, the strange Christ Died For Our Sins sign that always seems a bit out of place, and the best window display of all time the hot air ice cream cones in The Queen's Cafe.

26.08.05 - Friday roundup

23.08.05 - Moogie wonderland

21.08.05 - Happy days are here again
John Hinde - Butlinland Ayr Chairlift   John Hinde - Butlinland Pwllheli Chairlift
Found today while tidying up, two John Hinde postcards. The one on the left is one of my all time favourites from Butlin's Ayr. I like the crazy perspective as if this family is flying out to sea, plus the trademark saturated colours and happy faces. As Martin Parr says in Our True Intent is All For Your Delight "Each image offers everything a good photo should". The one on the right from Pwllheli is a bit later judging by the fashion, but the disembodied chairlift-in-the-sky thing was obviously a winning formula. There were also chairlifts at Filey (it looks pretty high) Minehead, Skegness and Barry Island (which ended up as spares at Blackpool Pleasure Beach). Does anyone know if the Blackpool chairlift is still working? It's the only one I've ever been on. And are there any others left? Like finding a crazy golf course it's something that turns a day out into a proper holiday.

19.08.05 - She's got spies, but it's not quite like the CIA
Langside CafeThanks to I like reader Michael for a tip-off about the Langside Cafe in Battlefield (south side of Glasgow). This isn't hard to get to (follow Langside Place at the momument) but it'd be hard to spot without a bit of local knowledge or sheer serendipity on your side. It's a great wee place, really bustling. Nice food, good booths, tasty ice cream and loads of sweets to take home for afters. In contrast to Boni's it's somewhere that feels thriving and there to stay.

One of the best things about doing I like is being sent all these nice snippets and seeking these places out. Tommy started school this week so I've had time off. Time off to dream about never having to work again and becoming some kind of cultural historian. Somewhere between Jonathan Meades (Wikipedia sums him up) and Alan Titchmarsh roaming around looking at things. I feel very aimless, in a nice way, hanging out at the school gates without much to worry about. I haven't been able to focus on I like for what feels like ages but these little missions have saved the day, making doing very little feel like doing something and somehow sharing the wealth by writing it up. So if you've got any more ideas do send them in.

15.08.05 - Catching up

09.08.05 - A new career in a new town
East Kilbride shopping centre
East Kilbride (much maligned 60s new town on the outskirts of Glasgow) is looking nice for summer photos. Even the Fire Station is pretty stylish.

07.08.05 - One plus one

01.08.05 - Popcorn