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I like December 2005

30.12.05 - I just don't know what to do with myself
It's always a funny time of year this when I'm not sure whether I should be doing something or doing nothing, and end up feeling guilty about everything just for good measure. I'm working behind the scenes on tidying my websites up and getting a new one started. Probably crazy timing with the baby due to arrive in 3 weeks, but what the hey. The nesting instinct knows no bounds. If I wasn't doing that I'd be clearing out under the bed or something equally exciting. Anyway, some leftover links:

22.12.05 - Merry Christmas Everybody
Christmas doggy styleI have now stopped work, both for Christmas and maternity leave. Oh happy day. And I had great plans for updating this everyday and working on some new stuff and... and... all I've done is sleep. Or more correctly all I've done is watch films (balancing a series of kitchen sink dramas with some Walter Matthau films) and clean and sleep and eat, probably in that order. So maybe now's the time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas as service over the holidays will be sporadic at best. I hope Santa's good to you and you get everything you wished for. More to the point - have a good relaxing break and take it easy. Oh and a very happy Festivus for all those airing their grievances tomorrow.

16.12.05 - A Hazy Shade of Winter

14.12.05 - Postcard Wednesday
I've caught the knitting crazeLouis Wain (1860-1938) first came to my attention for being the man behind the Postcard Records drumming cat. He sounds like an eccentric character, devoted to his feline friends. He started drawing Peter, the family cat (who could wear glasses and pretend to read) to entertain his dying wife Emily and the sketches helped cats knock dogs off the number one pet spot. According to some sources, his obsession with cats drove him mad (the drawings do get pretty wiggy) and he ended up in a lunatic asylum until funds from celebrity admirers such as H. G. Wells (who said "English cats that do not look and live like Louis Wain cats are ashamed of themselves.") paid for a room in Napsbury Hospital near St Albans where he drew until he died aged 78. More at Wain Cats, Catland: the Art of Louis Wain and Louis Wain's Kitten Book. And thanks to Alan for sending me this postcard in the first place.

11.12.05 - In Living Colour
Texaco by Keld Helmer-Peterson
Stunning photos from 122 Colour Photographs (1948) by Keld Helmer-Peterson on display at The Rocket Gallery in Shoreditch. More from BBC News (via Coudal). And found along the way Bliss: postcards of couples and families by Martin Parr, a collection of sappy European postcards.

09.12.05 - On the buses

07.12.05 - Postcard Wednesday #1 - Pose Work For Plinths 3
I never feel like there are enough pictures on I like so will try to make sure there's at least one every week from now on. And I love postcards so I give you Postcard Wednesday The First - Pose Work for Plinths 3 by Bruce McLean (1971). I've got this postcard on my wall and it makes me happy every time I see it. It's kind of stupid and cool, but funny and interesting as well. This is how I feel trying to get comfortable at the moment (except there aren't that many poses to choose from when you're pregnant). I read a bit more about it and found out that the poses are taking the piss out of Henry Moore and his big sculptures.

McLean was born in Glasgow, studied at Glasgow School of Art, then St Martin's School of Art where he was taught by Anthony Caro and Phillip King who he found a bit po-faced: "Twelve adult men with pipes would walk for hours around sculpture and mumble". As a reaction McLean and some of his classmates (Barry Flanaghan, Hamish Fulton, Richard Long and Gilbert and George) began to look at different ways of making art - walking around, tea parties, and making things out of rubbish. This was all well documented in the BBC's Art and the Sixties series.

04.12.05 - The way things used to be

01.12.05 - World of wonder
New likes are up, in a bit of a rush. If you look at one site this month make it World of Kane, put together by Will Kane who has been a regular source of inspiration to I like for some time now. Since it launched in October every post has been a gem. Cartoon Modern, a great site devoted to 1950s animation comes on Will's recommendation, so well worth a look. The classic designs of Alvin Lustig are via Scrubbles.