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24.01.06 - By Order of the Crown
Keep Calm and Carry On poster Babywise, the news is there is no news. I am now 5 days late and if I haven't had the baby by Sunday someone will make me have it. With this in mind there isn't much else to do except keep calm and carry on*. I've really enjoyed these last few weeks - sitting around reading and watching films, doing lots of home baking. I haven't had a care in the world. This pregnancy has been completely different to my first in that it's been more exciting and less terrifying but still it feels very strange to have carried this little thing around for so long and not know what sex it is or what it looks like. In these last few days I'm having a kind of nostalgia for the present where I know my bump will be gone soon (it's such a comforting thing to rub) and it won't just be the three of us any more. For 5 years it has been nice to have one child and just enjoy it - there's an awful pressure to have more kids quickly once you start but I'm glad we've got a gap. Still, it will be nice to be 4. Thanks to all those who have sent good wishes and good luck to Swiss Miss and Loobylu who are also in the family way. Tommy thinks he's getting a little brother called Jim but according to the popular myth of bump shape it looks like a girl (very neat and sticking right out in front). I'll report back as soon as we know for sure.

*Sound advice I got as a great Christmas present (thanks Cas) - a reproduction WWII poster available from Barter Books in Alnwick.

23.01.06 - I found the F

20.01.06 - Round-up

16.01.06 - A trip to sunny Govan
The Lyceum Cafe, Govan, GlasgowStill here. Still pregnant. But a year older. It was my birthday yesterday so we celebrated in one of the few ways a 39-week pregnant woman can - by sitting down and eating. This called for a fact-finding mission to a new (old) cafe - The Lyceum Cafe in Govan Road (opposite the grand Lyceum formerly a 2,600 seat cinema, now a bingo hall). It has a great window display, verging on the funereal and the frosted glass door retains a certain mystery about what's inside. And what's inside is a symphony in purple formica and black vinyl. As with most Glasgow cafes it's run by an Italian couple who chattered away in half-Italian, half-Scottish. We didn't have much money so I can only report on the cheese rolls, which were fine. Real cheese. And Tommy reports that the milkshake was good. It had at least half a bottle of Crusha in it so value for money there. Govan is an "area of exceptional opportunity" following years of decline as Glasgow's shipbuilding industries closed down. It's hard to know which way this will go but The Lyceum looks set to stay for a while yet. They do chips and snowball ices and it's handy for the tube so well worth a visit.

11.01.06 - E's are good

10.01.06 - Where am I going?

09.01.06 - C

04.01.06 - Don't cry, don't raise your eye

03.01.06 - January sale
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01.01.06 - All is quiet on New Year's Day