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27.02.06 - Going underground

20.02.06 - Hot cross buns

13.02.06 - Little green men

10.02.06 - Found at the car boot sale
Pioneer Custard Powder

09.02.06 - Scrambled

03.02.06 - Here comes the son
CheburashkaIt's a boy! Danny arrived just after midnight on Monday 30th January, safe and sound. Everything went well. He is big and strong at 8lb 13oz. Everything seems easier second time around just as other parents of two+ said. I haven't spent a single day crying in my pyjamas - quite a feat as any new mum will tell you. New big brother Tommy is pleased as punch. It's funny seeing how he would take it - for someone who's been in the limelight for 5 years he's taken it very well, showing nothing but love and concern for the wee man. We've been priming him for months about how exciting it's going to be and how he's got an important job to do now he's the big brother, but I still thought his nose would be out of joint and he'd find out that babies are actually quite boring and no good for playing Power Rangers at all. We're still at the sleepless nights stage but even they seem a bit more manageable than first time around. The main thing I remember from that was that all things must pass and the bits that seem exhausting and relentless get better in time. And I'd forgotten the good things like that new baby smell, and how soft they are, and the little noises they make. In fact, I feel like I didn't really appreciate any of that first time round. I feel totally mummed up with the whole process, so it's all good so far.