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29.03.06 - New venture - join in
Tea-Coffee 30p I'm looking for contributors to a new site about going places and places to go. It belongs to the netherworld between tourism and travel so it's postcards not brochures, day trips not long haul, flasks of tea not a complimentary glass of champagne. The idea is to build on the sort of thing that I've been writing about for a while - unusual places that some people know about and seek out, places that you stumble upon while looking for something else. The sort of places some people will try to dissuade you from going to because they're old and shabby, but which have bags of character. It's also about the act of travelling itself as often there's as much to see on the way as there is at the destination. So think places worth stopping for, picnic spots, even the best soundtracks for the journey.

There aren't any limits on what can go in. It could be a building, a museum, a shop, cafe, tourist attraction, town, village, monument, relic, oddity, road, view. Anything. If it's worth going to see then it's in. It can be anywhere in the world. All I'm really looking for is an "ink polaroid" type of thing - some words to describe the place and a picture. In time, it should build into a sort of alternative tourism guide. It should be the sort of website that makes you want to go places, or even better, make you feel like you've been somewhere. From the emails I get I know some of you should be right up for this and with a network of scouts we could get something really good going. If you're interested do get in touch and we can start putting it together. Email: anne@ilike.org.uk.

28.03.06 - Strike!

26.03.06 - 2D good

23.03.06 - Hallelujah Rosie Lee
I've just finished reading Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down, the book of nicecupofteaandasitdown.com - an essential guide to all aspects of tea-drinking and biscuit-eating. It's the best book I've read for ages. A packet of Morning Coffee in the Peak District started a plain biscuit renaissance in the I like household, and we've spent more time than usual perusing the biscuit aisle coming home with some Rich Tea and a childhood favourite Abernethys. I tried a fig roll for the first time and am now hooked. I used to fear the fig. It'll be Garibaldis next. The book has a lot of interesting facts about biscuit making (like what is a Thin Arrowroot?) and has sparked some great debates on best and worst biscuits (my worst would be the lemon puff). Anytime I've been abroad I realise how obsessive the British are about tea and it's good to read something that makes it feel something to be proud of - our area of national expertise.

20.03.06 - Allsorts

15.03.06 - Powers of ten
Eames Office: Powers of Ten - watch online
Available on YouTube Powers of ten - the film made by The Office of Charles and Ray Eames for IBM which starts with a picknicking couple and zooms out (to the farthest reaches of outer space) then zooms in (to molecular level) (via Drawing Wonder, thanks Will). More info on the Powers of 10 website. More Eames films online: The Information Machine made for the IBM Pavilion at the 1958 Brussels World's Fair and A Communications Primer. More on Eames films.

13.03.06 - Listen, the snow is falling

10.03.06 - Snap happy

08.03.06 - Glasgow to Buxton
Lady Cock Inn Forton Services

07.03.06 - Ivor Cutler 1923-2006
Ivor Cutler
Guardian obituary, BBC obituary
I got no common sense (wav)
Wikipedia entry
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02.03.06 - Neat neat neat
New likes up. Thanks to Jane for pointing out Polar Inertia - "The Journal of Nomadic and Popular Culture". I'm not quite sure what that means but there's some fascinating stuff - Cold War architecture, Cuban television sets, airplane salvage yards, shipping containers. Thanks too to Paul for pointing out Julian Opie's website. Lovely stuff.

I've had various computer problems this week, so on top of looking after no.2 son I like is a bit neglected. Should be back to normal sometime soon. In the meantime, thanks for all the gifts and good wishes, especially Jane for the groovygros and Mark and the folks at Veer for the lovely t-shirt and notebook. Danny and Tommy have had loads of presents but this is the first one I got - much appreciated.