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26.04.06 - The days are just packed

21.04.06 - On the road
I've been to John O'GroatsIf you like The Lost World of Friese-Greene where Dan Cruickshank recreates Claude Friese-Greene's 1920s journey from Land's End to John O'Groats you might like Gallivant, a film by Andrew Kotting in which he, his grandmother and his daughter Eden take a trip round the British coast starting and ending at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Sea. I rented the DVD from Amazon when it kept coming up as similar to Patrick Keiller's London and Robinson in Space and Saint Etienne's Finisterre. The style is similar in a way - static shots of interesting places but it's more ramshackle and idiosyncratic. Eden who has Joubert Syndrome and speaks using sign language, and 90-year old granny Gladys give a real warmth to the film, and Kotting seems like a bit of a maverick who gets the most out of the people they meet along the way. The journey round the coast is fascinating and beautifully shot with all sorts of wonderful moments. I didn't like London or Finisterre at all the first time I saw them. Although they both document a lot of places that I like (Finisterre especially) I found them a bit cold, a bit too cool for school, but second time round I loved them. Gallivant got me immediately though, it's a real charmer.

Plug: I've been a member of the Amazon DVD rental scheme for a few months now and it's good - very easy to use with a wide selection of films. They are offering a free one-month trial (worth 3 DVDs) which is a good way to see some of these films if you haven't already.

17.04.06 - Up with the Lark
Topsy and Tim badges Ladybird books magnets
Topsy and Tim badges and Ladybird Books fridge magnets - two from Lark Designs.

12.04.06 - It's all change around here
I've been moving I like to a new web host so bear with me if things are missing or don't seem to work. I think everything should be back to normal now but if you spot any holes could you email anne@ilike.org.uk. I'm also getting used to a new email system so might be a bit slow but I will get there in the end.

10.04.06 - How to be topp

07.04.06 - Cake shop girl
Tunnock's cakery Tunnock's Bakery
I'm a bit tied up with the Easter holidays this week and next but we've been enjoying a few trips out. Yesterday we popped into the Tunnock's Bakery in Uddingston for a wee cake. Following their previous efforts I was hoping for an Easter window display extravaganza - Christ on a cross made of Caramel wafers or a Tunnock's teacake rolling away from a meringue sepulchre but no, it was pretty low key.

01.04.06 - April is the cruellest month
New likes available for your perusal.

Thanks to everyone who has got in touch about the new site. We've got a fair representation from the south coast, a smattering in the north of England and scouts in Sydney and Philadelphia. There's still a lot more to be covered so if you're interested do get in touch. It's not likely to launch for a while so there are no strict deadlines.