The Horn

A wee reminder that the cards and postcards available in the I like shop are perfect for Valentines. The full range is also available from Lark in Australia which has had a makeover and looks swell!

Folksy also has a great selection of handmade Valentine cards and gifts. There's something for everyone in there. And finally, Present and Correct's Cute As A Button card is a real sweetie.

Funland - our top seller!

Well, business got off to a slow start but I'm pleased to say you can now buy I like cards in actual shops up and down the land. New stockists are as follows (in geographical order):

Thanks to everyone in the shops above for giving them a go. If you're passing please pop in. If you don't buy some of my stuff buy someone else's as they all stock some really great things. If you can recommend anyone near you who might like to stock the cards could you let me know? I've had many knockbacks but will persevere.

For anyone not near these fine establishments, the cards are available in the shop or from Folksy. Order now for Father's Day, if your dad's into that sort of thing.

New Moo business cards

I've been in a few places lately where I really should have had a business card, so I treated myself to some from moo. They've come up lovely, and everything about making and ordering them is a pleasure, from sooking the photos in from Flickr to their delightful packaging. They've just opened a US office so shipping is a bit cheaper for you Yankees. Highly recommended.


Okay, the I like greetings cards are here. Yay.

There are four designs printed on recycled card, supplied with a classy white envelope. As I've got a bit of work to do getting samples out to shops and thinking about where else to put them (Etsy/Folksy/Coriandr?) I'm just selling them in packs of 4 for now. They cost £8 including postage and packaging, £8.50 for Europe and £9 for the US of A.

I'm keen to see how these go. It's been really interesting doing the postcards and getting a peek into the world of craft. I've learnt a lot and am still learning as I go. Quite a few people have asked if they're easy to do. The short answer is yes and no, so I'll write more about that another day.

I am grateful as always to davidthedesigner for putting the artwork together, and to anyone who buys some. If there are any nice shop/gallery owners/journalists/design bloggers reading this, please get in touch if you'd like to see samples.

Update: Individual cards now for sale on Folksy.


I like Present and Correct's new hidden faces print, featuring faces in places you wouldn't quite expect. Made me think of the ever delightful Hello little fella Flickr pool.


Also right up my street is the library card birthday card. This is perfect for those cards that go round and round your office for a workmate, or for a discerning single librarian. If it's for the latter, I'd write on the back - it's far too good to tarnish with mere words. Well, maybe lightly with a pencil if you really have to.

Ladies and gentlemen, the lines are now closed and the votes have been counted and verified. The two new I like greetings cards, joining The Horn and Funland, are... Knickerbocker Glory and Teacup Ride. For the record the votes were as follows:

  • Knickerbocker Glory - 10
  • Teacup ride - 9
  • Chalet - 7.5
  • Shelters - 5.5
  • Boni's - 4
  • Barbapapa - 2 (and they weren't even in the running!)
  • Sweets - 1.5

So, thanks to everyone who commented. It's interesting how some people's favourites are other people's mehs, and some of the comments really made me think about what I'm trying to do. Anyway, I'll get them printed up and see how it goes.

I said at the start of the year that I would do more with my postcards. So, I'm dithering about doing some greetings cards.

It's been a funny thing, doing the postcards. Absolutely delightful in many ways (it's so good to make something that you can hold in your hand), really exciting that people buy them, but also a bit of a pain trying to get them into shops and generally offload them. It's given me a glimpse behind the scenes of the crafty explosion, where there are houses full of boxes, shops that don't pay up and overall quite a lot of faff for very little reward. Thankfully I'm seeing that on a very small scale though.

They sell pretty well where they are available (Present and Correct did a roaring trade over Christmas) but most shops won't take them on. I wonder if it's because they're postcards, or because they're not right for now, or they cost too much, or they're just not good enough. And confusion about all that stops me doing anything else, but then I go into a card shop and they're all so terrible that I can't believe there isn't a market for them. After some encouraging words from Allison at Lark I think I'm going to have a go, which is where I need some help. I'm going to get 4 designs printed, but which 4.

These two are definitely in:

Funland The Horn

But which two of these should make the cut?:

Teacup ride Knickerbocker glory Boni's Cafe Sweet shop Seaside shelters Chalet

Or none of them? Or something else? Would you buy them or are they just not right/good enough? Grateful as always for honest advice here. This is your chance to be the Simon Cowell of the greetings card world. Vote now!

You are just my cup of tea

Right, these are the last two, I promise. A couple of crackers from Present and Correct again. Above, You are just my cup of tea, and below Sew in Love With You. I know some crafty types who deserve that one.

Sew in love with you from Present and Correct

And remember, these are good for any day of the year, not just Valentines.

We are 100% solid from Present and Correct

From my card dealers of choice, Present and Correct here are some cards that are ideal for non-romantics, or romantics that don't like all that soppy hearts and flowers business. Firstly, my favourite We are 100% solid. That's lovely. If perchance anyone was going to get me a card this year (coughs loudly; looks across the room) I'd like this one.

Two people

2 people. This is cute but not too cute. Would work for weddings and engagements too.

Valentine wordsearch

Finally, Valentines wordsearch by Elephant's Graveyard. For the superdry word geek in your life.

Traditionally, Valentine's Day is not celebrated in our house, but I'm tempted to observe it this year because some of the cards are so nice. Here's three for starters:

Lisa Jones: Tunnel of Love Valentine's card

Tunnel of Love by Lisa Jones. She makes lots of great cards and has a fine blog.

Cuckoo for you by Present and Correct

Cuckoo for You by Present and Correct.

Jammie Dodger card by Asking for Trouble

Jammie dodger by Asking for Trouble.

More to come.

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