I've been on the verge of writing an "I'm bored with the internet" post for a while now. Sometimes blogging is fun. Sometimes it's like a millstone round your neck. Feeling obliged to come up with something new when it feels like the same old stuff swillling around the interweb. But I never write the grumpy post because I know it always passes and it did today when the internet came alive again. It was all "wow" and no "meh".

So all in all, I feel a bit bad for badmouthing the internet. It's come up trumps today.

Anyone know where the bandshell in the show was? Found it: Corlears Hook Park. The walking tour sounded good... I wish I could go back to New York. Here's the clip of them singing If You're Into It at The Unisphere.

Following yesterday's interesting debate in the comments here's some background reading on mealtime variations:

  • On the travesty that is the new £20 notes. "Only a country that produced Barratt Homes could have produced these banknotes".
  • "We are intrepid cake tourists, travelling the globe in search of amazing cake. Aghast at the lack of cake information in tour guides we will tell you the reader where to go for the best cake, wherever you are in the world."
  • An excellent series of insider tips for designers.
  • More food tourism. Comfy coffee houses in the North of England. Top class.
  • The full Thai name for Bangkok translates as "The city of angels, the great city, the eternal jewel city, the impregnable city of God Indra, the grand capital of the world endowed with nine precious gems, the happy city, abounding in an enormous Royal Palace that resembles the heavenly abode where reigns the reincarnated god, a city given by Indra and built by Vishnukam" - the world's longest place name.
  • Shows which side of the road countries drive on, plus some theories on why it's this way. Timely, as seems peculiar that Thais drive on the left when Thailand was never a British colony (via TMN).
  • Lots and lots of quality mp3s.
  • Tasty SE Asian stir fry.
  • ... by its cover. There are plenty of great ones here (via Ace Jet 170).
  • Lovely (via things).

The Links

Many, many thanks for the magazine suggestions. If you've just arrived feel free to chip in. Thanks also to those of you who have jumped the gun and started on books and music. That's fine, we'll be coming to them another day. I'll summarise the comments at the end of the week but until then it's topic 2: blogs. I am in *such* a rut with my blog reading. Please help me. If it's not on the blogroll (bottom right) I probably don't read it. What's good to go?

  • "Public private places such as hospitals, airports, motorway service stations, shopping malls, leisure centres/health clubs, hotels: anywhere with an air of transience."
  • Phwoar! There should be a joke here about being stacked or something but I can't quite finish it. Perfectly safe for work anyway.

Hooray. The automatic link posting from del.icio.us is now working, which is why the entry below looks a wee bit different. Hopefully it will help me save a bit of time when I'm putting things together. There's something a bit uber-geeky about del.icio.us, I wasn't a big fan of it before but this is really useful. For anyone that wants to try it here are instructions on how to set up daily blog posting with Movable Type. I was having problems getting the login to work so there is some useful stuff here if you get an "invalid login" message. Big thanks to Britta at Yahoo for solving the problem.

*I was rather anxious.

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