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The books stick to the same format throughout the series, which is pretty good for 25 years worth of publishing. Most are oversize hardbacks with illustrated dust-jackets or pictorial covers. There is usually an illustration of (presumably) Sasek himself going to wherever the book is set on the bottom left inside cover and a similar illustration on the bottom right inside cover which shows him leaving with some kind of local adornment.

The title page is always in the same style, with "This is" in cursive writing and Sasek's printed signature, but little details are added for each destination. The highlights of each destination are presented in vivid colour through the rest of the book with an emphasis on tourist hotspots, local transport and national dress (particularly the different cultures that inhabit each place). I only have a few of the books but they are all superb. They are in a very 50s, Eastern European style, but are not dated at all. Most of the things that Sasek has picked out are still noteworthy today and his style has endured. They are true classics.


This is books

This is New York - coverThis is Paris (1959, to be reissued 2004)
This is London
(1959, to be reissued 2004)
This is Rome (1960)
This is New York (1960, reissued 2003) - read this online or order from Amazon.com
This is Edinburgh (1961)
This is Munich (1961)
This is Venice (1961)
This is San Francisco (1962, reissued 2003) - order from Amazon.com
This is Israel (1962)
This is Cape Canaveral (1963)
(Also published as This is Cape Kennedy)
This is Ireland (1964)
This is Hong Kong (1965)
This is Greece (1966)
This is Texas (1967)
This is the United Nations (1968)
This is Washington, D.C. (1969)
This is Australia (1970)
This is Historic Britain (1974)

All published by W. H. Allen in the UK, Macmillan in the US and various other publishers worldwide.

For his other books see the full bibliography on This is M. Sasek.


Like I said, links are hard to find. No doubt many artists have been influenced by him but these are the only ones to give him a namecheck, or be compared to him. They are all pretty cute though.

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