As We Make Our Way Home by Laurie Hastings and David Troupes

As We Make Our Way Home is a set of 6 lovely postcards showing views of Edinburgh - illustrations by Laurie Hastings, poems by David Troupes. Only £4 from Laurie Hasting's shop (via Red Door Gallery blog).

I like postcards - set 3

The I like shop will be open through the holidays, but last orders for Christmas will close tonight at 11pm. Make haste if you want some. They also make great thank you cards.

Photo by davidthedesigner. Thanks David!

I like postcards - set 3

Due to popular demand, there's a new set of 8 I like postcards. Just in time for Christmas. They're not Christmassy at all, more like an end of year best of. So we've got:

17: Dodgems, Barry Island
18: Lighthouse, Dungeness
19: Tunnock's cyclist, Uddingston
20: Tub of chips, Barry Island
21: Salt and vinegar, Elgin
22: Blackpool Model Village
23: Rock face, Eastbourne
24: Super, Great Yarmouth

This is the third set of postcards. The first set is sold out, and the second is still available in the shop. Either set costs £3 + 50p P+P in the UK. Thanks as always to davidthedesigner for making them look so fantastic.

Buy some today!

[This isn't the best product photo, btw. Very tricky taking photos indoors in the winter. They look much better than that in real life.]

I like postcards: set 1

I found a wee pile of the first set of I like postcards in a box the other night. I've had some requests about them lately, so if you're interested grab a pack now. Also, if you want spares of any individual postcard let me know. Some of them are going to reappear as cards but some of them won't.

Thanking you.

Wee miniatures of Sheffield

We Live Here (of the prints and greasy spoon mugs) have a nice new project. Wee Miniatures are tilt-shift postcards of Sheffield. £7.50 for 12. Nice, I like 'em.

I like postcards

A timely reminder that I like postcards make a perfect stocking filler at £3 for a set of 8. Any orders before Christmas come with a free I like badge.


In case you missed it, dawdlr has creaked into action. This is Russell's version of slow Twitter. "What are you doing, you know more generally?" updated twice a year. It's one of the things the internet was invented for - a lovely mix of online and offline. There's a nice write-up as part of the slow blogging movement (?) in the New York Times. If you want to join in, hurry - less than 6 months to go!

I like postcards in a popcorn bag

I'm very pleased to say that I like postcards are now on sale at Present&Correct, an exquisite London-based design studio and web shop. They do spectacular designs of their own like the A-Z endangered species chart and caff notecards, and mix it up with beautiful retro finds and imported lovelies. What's special about the postcards at P+C is they come in this vintage popcorn bag. Nice!

I like postcards and badges

Summery postcards, get your summery postcards here. Only available online now that Hitherto is no more.

Teacup ride, Cromer

Get your I like postcards now - free UK shipping. They're a little ray of sunshine for the winter months.

Lovely France

Popcards.Fr has a fullsome collection of kitschy and accidentally beautiful French postcards from the 50s-70s. I felt compelled to look at every one and they're all good. There's a deeply strange men's lib section - shifty looking blokes trying to look natural in unnatural settings - reading a story to one's imaginary friend, or writing a novel on a whoopee cushion. And À la ville is full of boring postcards from the Playtime era. Lovely stuff.

I like postcards: set 2

The last posting day for Christmas is Thursday 20 December so if you want any new I like postcards get them now. They'll also be available from Hitherto, after I drop off a stash tomorrow lunchtime - they're open 'til 10 tomorrow for top class Christmas shopping. Thanks David for the customary photo.

Teacup ride, Cromer Knickerbocker glory, Millport

The second set of I like postcards are ready. There's cafe action and seaside fun ahoy. It's like a little holiday in your hand. A thousand thanks to davidthedesigner for working his magic once again.

Order now for Christmas.

George Square, Glasgow

More postcards, more George Square. Nothing To Write Home About is a collection of John Hinde postcards, put together by Susan Beale and Michelle Abadie. The messages on the back are included, so it's like dawdlr from 40 years ago. Designed as "a photographic album, a social record, an historical document, humorous tourism, a celebration of Britain, a trip down memory lane, it celebrates the exquistness of the everyday". Part of the proceeds go to Carers UK and there's a celebrity postcard auction at the start of December. Available from Amazon and other good bookshops.

A lovely John Hinde dawdlr
Breathing the sea air

Hooray, dawdlr has cranked into action. Russell proposed this a while ago as "a twitter for the long now". The idea is you write what you're up to, y'know, more generally, on a postcard and mail it to the dawdlr address. Very high tech. The results go up in a leisurely fashion every 6 months. What appears is a dreamy little slice of life. The physical aspect of different cards coming from all directions with their handwriting and fancy stamps makes it very rich. And the serendipity of all the thoughts is wonderful. It's 6 months to the next update so there's plenty of time if you fancy joining in. In this digital age it's good to see the postal service getting a bit of business.

Mablethorpe chalet

The first run of I like postcards is almost sold out so order now if you want to catch them. They're going on sale in Manchester next week at CUP/Vox Pop on Thomas St. They're also for sale in Glasgow's fab Hitherto and Edinburgh's equally fine Red Door Gallery. I'm thinking about doing a new set of 8 so will probably spend my money on that rather than reprinting the first lot. Hence the reminder for anyone who wants to stock up.

Update: Paypal problem should be fixed now.

I like postcards in Mexico

I like postcards are now available from The Red Door Gallery in Victoria Street, Edinburgh (thanks Katherine) as well as Hitherto in Ingram Street, Glasgow. Or you can order online. The photo shows a set that went all the way to Jo in Mexico City. Nice to see they got there safely.

The postcard orders have quietened down and everything's been sent out. If you ordered some and they haven't arrived yet please let me know. There are still packs left if anyone else is tempted. Order here. I'm thinking of trying to get them into more shops - can anyone suggest places that might be interested? I was thinking of little shops and galleries that might be into this kind of thing. There are a few in Glasgow so I'll try them first, but any tips further afield would be most welcome.

Funland in situ

Thanks to everyone who has ordered I like postcards. They're going like hot cakes. Glasgow readers can now pick up a set from Hitherto in Ingram Street (in the back of Tinderbox). This is far and away the best shop in Glasgow, full of the most amazing stuff. There's a great selection of wonderful hand-made crafty things from Glasgow and other bits and pieces from around the world. Mostly within budget as well with lots of great things for under £10.

What's been great about making the postcards is people getting in touch when they get them and (1) saying thanks and (2) saying which one is their favourite. Some people like Rich (above) even take photos when they arrive. So far I think Funland is marginally out in front, although Chalet and Jug of Tea are close behind. I'll send any remaining orders tomorrow so please order here if you want to get in quick. Free badge while stocks last.


Okay, I've got some kind of payment system worked out. I think. If you'd like to buy I like postcards the details are here. Any questions please let me know.

I was saying at interesting2007 that this is quite a proud moment. I love postcards so much, it's exciting to have made some. I do worry about what the web is doing to the world's postal services so it's good to be putting something back.

Update: The link doesn't seem to be working in some browsers. Sorry. Can't figure out what's going on. I'll need to look at it tonight when I get home. Please bear with me.. OK. The link should be fixed now. Order here.

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