New book: Sign Painters by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon. Some lovely stuff inside.

There are some truly beautiful pictures in Sign Painters by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon. It features interviews with over 25 US sign painters, young and old, who talk about their methods and inspiration.

The book is available from Amazon and other good bookshops. For more information on the book see the Princeton Architectural Press website. There's a film due out next year - see the Sign Painters website for details.

This road is not suitable for charabancs

The road sign that time forgot, found near Wookey Hole in deepest darkest Somerset. Strangely, I Googled charabancs as I'm never totally sure what they are*, hit on the Wikipedia entry and found that it mentions this sign as a rare remnant of the "charabancs' era". Quirky and significant. Result.

* Rickety-looking open top buses used for sightseeing.

Oyster Shell/2-Ball Screwball

I like it when you go somewhere and find a great hand-painted sign,

Take away food sold here

then another

Fresh donuts

suggesting that one (most probably) talented yet unsung signwriter

Buttered scone

has global dominance, albeit in a very small geographic area.

Ice cold slush

I mean, look at the frosting on that lettering. That is ice cold.

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