Playmobil tramp and eh, German guy

I was very sad to hear that Hans Beck, founder of Playmobil has died, aged 79 (via things). I love Playmobil. It might be sacrilege to say this, but I think it's better than Lego. The little characters are so delightful and even though they are made of lots of little parts that wedge themselves between the floorboards I treasure every last plastic cuff.

Pictured above is a piece I thought I might have dreamt - a Playmobil jakey. I saw this somewhere (John Lewis probably, they always have the best selection) and didn't buy it (gah!) but Collectobil, the Playmobil collectors' site confirms it. A trawl through their back catalogue is a delight - check out the Antarctic set, Playmospace range and even a Playmobil Sherlock Holmes and Karate Kid. Respect due. RIP Hans.

Naboo and VinceHoward and Bollo

The Mighty Boosh and Pete Fowler, that's a marriage made in heaven. And the progeny are these fab figures. Get Vince and Naboo and/or Howard and Bollo. I'm a Howard and Bollo gal myself. When Howard whipped out Stationery Island he was a man after my own heart, and Bollo's bad feelings always reassure my inner pessimist.

Pete Fowler's little monsters

Pete Fowler, he of much sterling work for the Super Furry Animals, has made some lovely little pets. There are 8 different ones with an owner to look after them. Hard to tell who's the cutest. They're a very reasonable £8 per pair (in a pet food-style can) or £60 for the set. Order from Playbeast.

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