Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Cushion from Nikki McWilliams

These amazing Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Cushions are new from Nikki McWilliams. They're available for £27 from Folksy.

Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Cushion from Nikki McWilliams

Nikki also makes great Tunnock's Tea Cakes cushions. I'm the proud owner of some and they're great. Really good quality and always a talking point.

Tunnock's Daylight Bakeries, Uddingston

The warm weather seemed like a good excuse for the first picnic of the season. So on Saturday we took ourselves off to the Tunnock's bakery in Uddingston to pick up some treats.

The Tunnock's Factory, Uddingston

I took the opportunity for a walk round the back of the factory. Being Tunnock's they have jollified the usual vats and pipes with their upbeat and forthright advertising.


Their bakery (which is labelled the 'tea room') across from the factory (labelled the 'bakery', above) is like a traditional high street bakers filled with Tunnock's products and baked goods made exclusively for the shop. It is amazing at the best of times but even better, they were giving away free Caramel Logs with every purchase. Imagine!

Tunnock's Tea Rooms, Uddingston

The window display was superbly mad as always.

First picnic of the year

Plus, they've got some new merchandise in the shape of these fab caramel wafer mugs, launched to celebrate their mini Caramel Wafer tubs. Sitting in the shadow of Bothwell Castle, sipping coffee and eating a mini lemon meringue pie = sheer bliss.

The Beat owl greeting card from Konnie Kapow Portrait Embroidery by Gentry Illustration No Place Like Home gocco print by HelloJenuine
Brownie Camera Keyring Bottle Opener by Cut Copy Create Leather bookmark from Lesley Barnes Tunnock's Teacake Owl Digital Print by Nikkimade

The idea of Folksy Fridays where you pick your favourite Folksy items for the week is really taking off, so here are some talented Scottish ladies (at least I think they are Scottish and ladies) who can be found on Folksy. From left to right: Konnie Kapow, Gentry Illustration, Hellojenuine, Cut Copy Create, Lesley Barnes and Nikki Made.

Tunnock's Teacake bag from Gillian Kyle

I like this Tunnock's Teacake Shopper from Gillian Kyle, a textile designer from Glasgow who has a great range of products based on typical Scottish foods (and Scottie dogs). Also available as an apron.

Tunnocks Teacakes drawing

Thanks to Will for pointing out hwayoungjung's drawings of iconic British products. There are only two Scottish things so far - Tunnock's Teacakes and Tunnock's Caramel Wafers. This set could be enhanced by some Irn Bru, Walker's shortbread, Abernethy biscuits, Highland Toffee, Edinburgh Rock, Lee's Macaroon and a Scotch pie.

Gold nuggets

There are many English products though. The notes are fabulous. See assorted biscuits for example - "my English Expert assures me for the English, these swim in everyones collective consciousness". Indeed.


I haven't been feeling the Halloween spirit at all this year, but couldn't see it pass without a traditional Halloween cake. The only place I've been able to find these in recent years is at the Tunnock's bakery in Uddingston. Any excuse for a trip out there. Traditionally the cake is a grotesque face with cream-filled cheeks. The bell and ring used to be baked inside but that's not going to happen these days. Nice to see they're still on the top.


The window display was spectacular as always with an inspired homage to Jack Vettriano's Singing Butler in Tunnock's Tea Cakes and Caramel Wafers. I can't think of any other company (except maybe Lego) that has this much fun with their own products. Previous window displays in this Flickr set.

Anyway, happy Halloween to you all.

Tunnock's cyclist

We were at the Tunnock's Tea Rooms in Uddingston again yesterday, ostensibly to pick up a stash of rare Tunnock's products for dustysevens but also to keep an eye on their amazing window displays. Regular readers will know that the window of their bakery is full of fantastic figures made from Tunnock's tea cakes, caramel wafers and the like. The current tableau doesn't disappoint with an array of cyclists and the best yet, tea cake owls:

Tunnock's owl

With a "Monarch of the Glen" deer made from a box of tea cakes in the background. They consistently tread the thin line between madness and genius. It's such a simple idea, to have fun with your own products, but so few companies do it. The lack of big ideas is quite refreshing. Anyway, on a lighter note, their chips were superb. Really light and crispy. The good chip debate continues, with interesting discussion of what the crispy bits are called. Do chip in.

The Tunnock's Factory, Uddingston

Latest entry on Nothing To See Here is an appreciation of the Tunnock's factory in Uddingston, near Glasgow. Not only are we Scots lucky enough to dine on their wondeful sweetmeats all day every day, but we're within easy reach of their factory and tea room, which sells rare Tunnock's products. I was lucky enough to go on a factory tour last year, which was a real Willy Wonka experience. Fans who can't make it inside will have to gaze on the illuminated Caramel Wafer and dream.

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