My datadecs arrived in the post today - this year's fabulous Christmas surprise from the Really Interesting Group and Andy Huntington.

Based on the data collected at (L-R) Dopplr, Twitter, and Flickr, each decoration is tailored to the individual recipient. Anyone not on those particular sites, or on it with private data gets a spectacular sparkly 404 to hang on their tree.

Andy has notes on how the datadecs were made, and other lucky recipients have been Twittering and Flickring their various shapes and sizes.

Like Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet, last year's RIG production it's a post-digital triumph. The internet is great and all, but it's even better when you can hold it in your hand.

I'm getting nowhere fast this week. Got a lot of work on, and housework after that's done, and I've hurt my arm from too much computering so need to go and do something more boring instead. In the absence of anything new here might I recommend the following blogs:

There seems to be a general blogging slowdown at the moment, but this lot are weathering the storm with a series of delightful things, just as it should be. Apart from that, I feel like I'm in an awful rut with my reading (well, a nice rut really, but still a rut) so if you can recommend anything that isn't on the blogroll that would be smashing.

Which blogs are tickling your collective fancies at the moment?


In case you missed it, dawdlr has creaked into action. This is Russell's version of slow Twitter. "What are you doing, you know more generally?" updated twice a year. It's one of the things the internet was invented for - a lovely mix of online and offline. There's a nice write-up as part of the slow blogging movement (?) in the New York Times. If you want to join in, hurry - less than 6 months to go!

Learning and Teaching Scotland (where I work) is currently updating its web and digital media services framework. So we're looking for companies who provide services in the following areas:

  • Digital content development and publishing
  • Media production
  • Website development, design and build
  • Strategy and consultancy

There's a whole pile of stuff in there - content development, search, content management, design, social media and so on. If you work in any of these areas please check out the tender notice.

Learning and Teaching Scotland is the main organisation for the development and support of the Scottish curriculum, and advises on the use of ICT in education. It's an interesting place to work with some big plans for the next few years. If you think you can help do check out the ad.

I like with added balloons

The Orange balloon race is causing quite a debate. Firstly, I think it's a great idea. I've never seen anything quite like it and didn't think for a minute that balloons would really drift across the interweb but they do. On the other hand, it gets annoying pretty quickly, you need a lot of time on your hands to play the game and the website is a total nightmare (anytime I've tried to do anything that wasn't either getting a balloon or adding a site it's been impossible). Still, fair play to Orange and Poke for trying something different and pulling it off.

On a side note, I'm surprised by the sense of outrage it has provoked, although I did hate that never ending webpage with a passion that was surprising. I've had a few comments about it being out of character for I like, which I understand but don't agree with. Plenty of things get free publicity here. I'll advertise anything for nothing if I like it. Secondly it's not totally about advertising. I mean, it is in a way, but I joined in because I was intrigued and taking part would let me see how it works (although I've got no idea how it works). I work with the web and am always interested to see what people are doing with it.

Any thoughts? If you're reading this through RSS wondering what's going on do have a look. I don't think I like will stay the course for the whole race but it's been an interesting ride so far. Picture from davidthedesigner who hates it. Sorry David. It's only a bit of fun.


Flip Flop Flying (with a 'g', sister to Flip Flop Flyin') is one of my top 5 blogs ever. Craig, who writes it, is a very talented artist but the blog is more about daily life than great art; It's quite random and grumpy sometimes, and overall, human. So now something exciting has happened - Craig has packed his bags, left Berlin and is wandering about South America, posting brilliant pictures of daily life over there. Latest installments include going to a bullfight and the joy of Mexican house numbers.

I've been thinking about redesigning I like for a while. It really needs it. But I don't have time so am starting to cram things unceremoniously onto the home page. Today's addition - a blogroll. On the right there. Down. Right down. Past the pointless ads. It's still a work in progress. After being quite sceptical of RSS I converted to Bloglines a while ago and have never looked back, so the next step to display my subscriptions here seems worth a go. For the past few months I've been subscribing and unsubscribing to blogs like there's no tomorrow. For all the ones that suddenly disappear there are others that spring up, all fresh like, in their place. The only downside is the few blogs (like Flip Flop Flying) which for some reason don't have compatible feeds. Along the way I feel like I've lost a few old favourites so no doubt it will keep growing for a while to come. If you can recommend anything new to chew, please do.

I'm going back to work next week (boo!) and am looking for ways of making life easier. One thing I thought might help keep I like going is posting daily links from but I can't seem to get it working. I've read through the guide to setting it up and that seems fairly straightforward. The problem seems to be that I have items in my normal stream, but they don't show up under "list of items" on the daily blog posting page. Should there be something there? Any help with this would be very, very gratefully received.

I've been playing around with MySpace because my friend's band is on there - Record Playerz, they're great. I looked around and got all excited because it's full of people I haven't seen for years. Real people that I've actually met, like. So I joined up and then didn't really know what to do. And when I tried to do something it was very hard. I felt about a squillion years old (Charlie Brooker sums this up nicely). But people found me anyway and I started to get some friends and that was nice. So the end of the story is I'm there now and if it's your thang let's be friends. I'm right here.


I've just been reading about We Feel Fine on Russell Davies. It's a beautiful, beautiful site that brings together the way people are feeling on the web and displays it in various artistic ways. It's got a lovely mission - the authors Jonathan Harris and Sepandar Kamvar " hope it makes the world seem a little smaller, and we hope it helps people see beauty in the everyday ups and downs of life." The rest of Jonathan Harris's stuff looks amazing too - Lovelines works the same way for love and hate. I always love these kind of sites where there's no business need whatsoever but it does something simple that can appeal to anyone. It's quite hard to do it justice so have a look.

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