Introduction: Time scale

I like the idea of writing a weekly update after reading weeknotes from Russell, Rattle and BERG among others. When I went freelance I thought I could write one every week but somehow two months in that hasn't really happened. So here's an extra big weeknote covering the first two months of self-employment.

I felt very anxious for the first month. Like nervous wreck anxious. It felt like all the stress I'd been staving off for months piled up and hit me in one go. There was nothing to worry about, it's just such a huge change that it takes a bit of adjustment. After two months, it's not so bad, but I still have my moments. I guess that's normal though. (Please tell me it's normal.) I go swimming a lot, that helps. Being able to swim in the middle of the day with the pool to myself is one of the little things that has made self-employment all worthwhile.

I've been working on three things - Folksy, Newspaper Club and a Nothing To See Here book. Folksy came out of beta yesterday, which is a big milestone. Sales and visits have mushroomed over the past few months and it's an exciting place to work (we are hiring - developer wanted). There are lots of challenges for a small team working on a busy site, but that's good. I like a challenge.

I've been working with Newspaper Club since the beginning of March. What a gig. It's an honour to join Ben, Russell and Tom on the team, along with fellow newbie Gary who looks after business development. My role is Customer Relations - liaising with the customers (who are enthusiastic and delighted so far), dealing with their queries and turning the patterns and issues that emerge into future developments. I've learnt a great deal from both jobs already and have had fun visiting my new colleagues in Sheffield and London.

The book, which is called Nothing To See Here - A Guide to the Hidden Joys of Scotland, will be published by Pocket Mountains, an excellent Scottish travel publishing house. At least it will if I ever finish writing it. It's been on the cards since last February and I've been travelling to different corners of Scotland to try and make sure that all the best spots are included. I need to get my head down and finish writing for the end of May, so that it appears the right side of Christmas.

So that's why it has been a little quiet round here. It's been a long period of adjustment and in getting into the new swing of things I lost my blog voice. I feel like I'm getting it back again though so I'm going to try a bit harder to keep writing. Might even make it to one-month notes next time.

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