I like started in 2002. For 8 years or so, I wrote about the things and places that I like – old cafes, seaside resorts, dusty museums and hand-written signs amongst many others. It spawned two more websites – Nothing To See Here, an offbeat travel blog, and This is M. Sasek, a tribute to the wonderful Czech author and illustrator.

From this little hobby, I ended up as the writer of three travel books, and had my photos used by Graham Norton, and Roddy Frame as a backdrop to his High Land, Hard Rain concert. It also (indirectly) got me a job at Newspaper Club, when I left a stable job in the civil service to work for some people I met off the internet.

After drifting away from blogging for a few years, I found I was missing a place to think out loud, and to free the photos from my hard drive. I also miss the community of readers and like-minded people who like the same daft stuff.

I’m currently compiling my photos into different photobooks, and was interviewed about these on Biblioscapes.