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The Joy of Pyrex

Pyrex dishes
From That Retro Piece

I was trying to identify a Pyrex dish I found in the loft (it turned out to be Chelsea), and lost a few hours admiring vintage Pyrex patterns.

The Pyrex Pattern Library from the Corning Museum of Glass has an extensive chronological archive of patterns, including the wonderfully named Mod Kitchen.

Pyrex Passion and Pyrex Love have easy-to-browse pattern libraries. The Pyrex Collector also has adverts and patents (No Home Can Have Too Much Pyrex – so true).

Pyrex 'Snowflake' dishes

I was still struggling to find my pattern until I found English Pyrex on That Retro Piece. This wonderful site, with beautiful photographs has guides to UK, Australian and New Zealand Pyrex.

All UK Pyrex was produced in by J A Jobling (JAJ) in Sunderland until 2007. The Sunderland Glass Centre has an exhibition called ‘The People’s Pyrex‘ on until May 2020.

Modern Pyrex is still going strong, now made in France. Check out the History of Pyrex.

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Nick Cave: Until @ Glasgow Tramway

Until exhibition by Nick Cave at Glasgow Tramway

It’s the last couple of weeks of Nick Cave‘s exhibition, Until at the Tramway in Glasgow. Turns out there are two Nick Caves – this one is the Chicago-based artist, not the Australian Brighton-based singer.

Photos don’t really do it justice. It is crammed full of interesting objects, and each part of the exhibition offers up new surprises. On until 24 November.